Gotham : Under the Knife

I talked last week about how I quite like the Ogre and wouldn’t mind him being a much longer lasting villain then we’ve had so far. He’s lasting a few episodes but with each second of the episode Jim is getting closer and closer.

This week the threat of the Ogre is all but felt. He goes after the person Jim loves just he’s a little out of date on who Detective Gordon is currently in relations with. Barbara goes from being in imminent danger to long lasting danger.

Milo Ventimiglia joins Julian Sands and Christopher Heyerdahl as one of the stand out performances in the series. The more we learn about the Ogre the more his performance really shines through. I’ve enjoyed watching him these last few weeks and will be sad if and when he is caught or killed. I’m not sure I understand why we need to fly through villains like there is no tomorrow but it feels like we are well on our way to losing another one before the show ends in two weeks.

The whole episode focused on catching the Ogre making headway in Jim’s story by showing how he is now leading the GCPD. He takes the story of the Ogre to the press and he organizes everything, pulls every string. He’s well on his way to becoming the character we all know and love. The transformation of boring and bland Jim Gordon to such a great leading character has been nothing but a miracle. I wasn’t particularly nice about McKenzie’s performance at first, pointing to Logue as saving the show along with Robin Lord Taylor but now there is so much character being shown that it is refreshing to say that I turn in every week to see Jim.

What about the little bat?

Well Bruce and Selina are still on their mission, this week Bruce takes Selina to a charity event so they could get a key to break into someones office and so on.

I am finding Bruce’s story a bit tedious at the moment but that doesn’t take away from how great Mazouz and Bicondova are together. Both are great but the story is starting to drag and I know its going to be THE story for Bruce in this series but I just feel like I don’t care about it. I prefer seeing his evolution to Batman, we do get a bit of a moral foreshadowing whilst they squabble about Selina’s actions last week, then I do seeing him play detective. I have no interest in it.

Penguin finds a new hatred for Don Maroni when Maroni shows up at his nightclub and tells Mummy Penguin that he’s a cold blooded killer.

A slow build up to a inevitable “war” once more with the families. Fish is obviously still alive somewhere and Maroni’s assassination plot is in full swing. I’m kind of missing Falcone. John Doman and David Zayas don’t get the credit they deserve. I hear a lot of praise for Jada Pinkett Smith who plays Fish Mooney well but personally I can take or leave Fish and the sooner she dies the better, nothing to do with Jada who owns every scene she’s in more to do with the fact I find the character extremely boring. Doman and Zayas steal every single scene they are in. Falcone is the perfect old time Don whilst Maroni is just fun. Throw in the Penguin and its a good little team so why do the stories with them keep going stale?

The most underrated performance of all though is probably Cory Michael Smiths Edward Nygma. Sure he gets praised and sure he’s not been in the show that much but slowly we’ve seen the beginnings of one of the most iconic villains in the Batman universe and its been a interesting, fun and quite emotional ride for Ed.

I am a huge fan of the way he has portrayed Nygma, I love the awkward nerd angle and his unrequited feelings to Kirs Kringle (another great performance all season long by Chelsea Spack) and how his first murder (I’m guessing?) was in protection of her from her abusive boyfriend.

As much as Penguin has ruled this series I can honestly see a series down the line where Nygma runs wild, I think Cory Michael Smith is beyond capable of being a season long threat and keeping it interesting and fun. I felt sorry for Nygma and actually kind of didn’t feel too bad about him killing a abusive dick. I think he’s my favorite character.

It was a good episode and I can’t believe we only have two left.

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