Fairy Tail Zero : Mavis, the Black Wizard

Chapter 7

There was complete and utter defeat in the last chapter. In this chapter something even stranger happens.

I know I’m behind the times but I’m going to act as surprised as ever about these things anyway.

Mavis, Precht, Warrod, Zeira and Yuriy were taught magic by none other then Zeref?!

I like how Mavis knows all about his curse and why everything dies around him and tries to help him. That was really sweet. I’m so conflicted at all times about Zeref. Because he comes across as a young guy who has to isolate himself so no one gets hurt I feel for him and want things like this to happen to him where he can make friends and be close to people without hurting them. At the same time I know he’s this evil dude who has done so much wrong. But it doesn’t stop me from wanting the best for him!

Another character that really needs to stop what he’s doing is Yuriy. There is already one super strong Lightening bug we really don’t need his great grandaddy (I’ve said grandad before but obviously its great grandad because he’s Makarov’s grandson hehe! Silly me!) being exactly the same as him…

Oh why not?!

So Mavis becomes a “Dark Wizard” more I think because of the bond she grew with Zeref then anything else.

Seeing everyone work hard to go back and try again is lovely.

We’re 10 days away from Fairy Tail being founded…

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