RAW Review 4/20/15

As I said at the end of last week its very unusual for me to be able to review any of the shows live so sorry that its pretty much a day late.

I also missed reviewing Smackdown. Sorry about that. We’ll try and start over again this week back with Raw.

Matches quick overlook :

Dean Ambrose v Luke Harper
No Contest

Lucha Dragons v New Day
Winners : New Day

Curtis Axel v Fandango
Winner : Fandango

Naomi v Brie Bella
Winner :  Naomi

Sheamus v Zac Ryder
Winner : Sheamus

John Cena v Kane
Winner : John Cena

Miz v Damien Sandow
(Miz Brand Match)
Winner : Miz

Adam Rose v Ryback
Winner : Ryback

Dolph Ziggler v Seth Rollins
Winner : Seth Rollins

RAW in depth :

Randy Orton / Seth Rollins

Show opens with Orton coming out to call Rollins a idiot. It was my feelings exactly last week when Rollins banned the RKO for their match, of all things you could ask for banning one move isn’t going to really help. It could be something that possibly will lose Orton the match, if he “gets into the zone” in the match he could accidentally RKO Rollins, but regardless it was a stupid move.

He goes on to talk about how he’s going to beat down Rollins until Rollins comes out himself. In his way Rollins tells the world how his rise to being the greatest champion ever has only just started and how he’s better then everyone in the ring and smarter then anyone outside the ring which left Orton promising to RKO anyone he comes across for the rest of the night and also promising he’ll RKO Rollins before the night is over.

Dean Ambrose v Luke Harper 
No Contest 

First off why give Harper the mic instead of Ambrose? Ambrose is great in the ring but he’s deadly on the mic. It seems a crazy decision.

The match is as crazy as the men in it.

Ambrose has the freshest and most fun wrestling style at the moment and it works up against the brick wall of Harper. The problem is that Ambrose seems to be stuck in nowhere feuds at the moment and there is really no point in the Harper feud.

Some nice moments in the fight and Ambrose proves his athleticism when he was “thrown” off the stage but managed to roll along the ground before chasing after Harper.

I hope that they’ll find something more meaty for him to do after Extreme Rules.

Lucha Dragons v New Day
New Day win by Count Out

I like New Day. I love the fact you don’t know what you are going to get until they are in the ring. I love how they work as a team and I love watching the change from hard hitting to fast paced racing.

What I don’t like is the Lucha Dragons stupid childish fist pumping. It makes me want to fist pump myself in the face. Stop it now.

The match was a lot slower then you’d imagine with the Lucha Dragons in it, New Day got the beat down kept the dominance and then won with Xavier Woods interfering and stopping the Lucha Dragons from returning to the ring before a 10 count.

The match was OK, I don’t really like the Lucha Dragons much, they relay way too much on high spots and a few big moves to look interesting. I’m happy that it will be New Day going on to face the tag champions as I think we’ll get a much more rounded and interesting match with New Day.

After the match was over Orton returned to the ring and RKO’d the celebrating Xavier and Kofi.

2 Down for Orton.

Curtis Axel v Fandango
Fandango wins by Pinfall

I really like these two. Axel is just hilarious. I love his Axelmania stuff and wish he was going on about the next PPV (Extreme Axel? Axel Rules?) instead of carrying on with Axel Mania.

Fandango is great for many reasons. He’s fierce in the ring, looks great, his dancing is not as good as Axels or JBL’s but anyone who has JBL, Booker and Cole arguing how to pronounce a name like Fandango whilst asking questions in really angry manners like “When was the last time you Fandango’d?!” is worth everything.

Fandango dominated the match once more and got a fast pin fall before going out to wiggle outside the ring.

I’m kind of hoping he gets something good after Extreme Rules too. Like Ambrose I feel its a shame not to have him doing anything bigger then a few 3 minute matches every week. Again like Ambrose he’s great on the mic and great in the ring. Hey maybe we should figure out a Ambrose/Fandango feud?


Triple H

He comes out to lay a promo for Tough Enough. Its funny how he growls about it like he would when cutting a promo against someone, he’s only telling the world how to apply and what it means but he just kind of growls in that Triple H way he has.

After he’s told us all we need to know about Tough Enough Kane comes down to give his two weeks notice after saying he doesn’t think Rollins is worth the investment they’ve put into him.

Of course this leads to Rollins coming out and a squabble breaking out which Hunter sorts out in a very business like manner making Kane Guardian of the Gateway at Extreme Rules for Rollins match against Orton and telling Rollins he should get on the same page as Kane fast.

After the break and they are still squabbling back stage, Kane promises to show he’s still made out of fire and brimstone whilst Hunter reminds Rollins he isn’t that important and puts him in a match against Dolph Zigger (the match that SHOULD have happened the week before.)

I’m not sure about the whole Kane/Authority thing. I wonder if it’ll shimmer down after Extreme Rules or if Kane is going to turn his back on the Authority. Now that he’s the Guardian of the Gateway he could let the other members in or he could refuse. He could let anyone in BUT the Authority, imagine Lesner, Reigns or even just a beat up Ambrose coming down and being let in? Of course Kane could go in and cause some problems himself! I’m in two minds about Kane going up against the Authority. The good thing will be he won’t be the butt of everyone’s jokes but the band thing is he could disappear for a while which maybe is something he’ll want but I’d hate to see. I love Kane regardless of what Kane he’s playing.

Naomi v Brie Bella
Naomi wins by Pin fall

Fact number 1. I believe that Naomi is the best Diva on the roster.

Fact number 2. I really dislike the Bella twins.

Fact number 3. I was saying what Naomi is now saying for weeks now. I’m happy Naomi is now saying it herself.

I love Naomi, I love watching her in the ring I love hearing her in promos. She’s a great Diva. I want to see them push Naomi. I want to see her win the title and I want her to be defending it all the time, giving it attitude and being damn great.

I see people moaning about the Rear View. It is a fantastic move. It shows her athleticism whilst being fun and different. How many other superstars are using a similar move? The Diva’s can get very samey at times and all of what Naomi does is different. Yeah she has better moves then the Rear View but I find even with the new attitude it shows her fun and exciting side.

Brie had a few good moments but the match was all Naomi and we’re gearing up to see her take that belt from Nikki and go on a spree of greatness.


Backstage and Heath Slater tries to tell us that he’s going to be the next US Champion before being RKO’d by Orton.

3 Down.

Roman Reigns

There is nothing more annoying then the Roman Reigns and Big Show rivalry. Nothing.

It says something when the best part of their revised fight is actually Bo freakin’ Dallas coming to stop Reigns from bitching about Show.

I know someone who will be Bo’s biggest fan now that he’s said that Episode One is the best Star Wars film and his whole speech was the best part of anything that has happened in the Reigns/Show borefest and also the truth. At the end of the day I’m sick of two things. First off I’m sick of pushing Reigns just to have him stumble at the last hurdle. The second is that when he stumbles we end up with boring Reigns/Show.

A Superman punch and a spear and Bo was down. Pointless part of the show.

Sheamus v Zac Ryder
Sheamus wins be DQ

Well. It wasn’t a fight. It wasn’t a match. It was Sheamus with a microphone telling us how much he hates pretty boys, pretenders and boy band wannabes whilst beating the living shit out of Ryder who had a Brouge Kick seconds after the bell rang. This went on for ever and ever until Sheamus decided to give him one more Brouge Kick but was stopped by Dolph Ziggler who hit a Zigzag on him.

Sheamus is looking mighty, his mohawk is awesome and his attitude is brilliant. I need him and Barrett in a tag team. Why can’t they herd all the Brits together and just have them dominate everything?

John Cena v Kane
John Cena wins by Pin fall

I’m really pissed that they had Kane come out.

I’m pissed because it was fun seeing some random matches and I’d have loved to see anyone in this match besides Kane.

I’m also pissed because Kane was never going to win. Cena has his thing with Rusev and he was never going to lose his title on RAW with a Russian Chain Match coming up. Kane is on a losing streak and is the laughing stock of the big ego’d brigade (Rollins and Show) of the Authority. So Kane goes into a match he was never going to win to show that he’s still the old Kane.

ANYONE could have fought Cena.

Kane could have beaten the shit out of ANYONE.

Instead Kane beats the shit out of Cena who then suddenly reverses the Tombstone to win.


Miz v Damien Sandow
Miz wins by Pin fall

We start before the match with Renee interviewing Miz who was going on about his film before they cut him off to go to Cena whose being interviewed somewhere else and then gets attacked by Rusev.

Lets get back to the match though. So we have a fight for the rights of Miz. The name, the look, the music, everything.

This is stupid. Miz and Sandow are going to be fighting at Extreme Rules right? We’ve had this match EVERY week since Wrestlemania, we’ve got the only match worth having right now. Why else would we want to see these two fights when one of them wins the rights?

Of course Miz was going to win and he won by using Summer Rea who turns her back on Sandow.

What next? Nothing probably just another match.

After the match Miz gets RKO’d.

Count it. 4. 4 Down. Seth he’s coming for you.

Bray Wyatt

He’s back once more babbling about things that are unimportant.

Really bring back the Wyatt family and have them do something instead of having us have to listen to Bray talk in riddles.

Weights are going to blind someone until they only can see his face? Bray you wouldn’t be blind dude if you can see something.

I still have no idea who he is talking to.

Ryback v Adam Rose
Ryback wins by Pin fall

Adam Rose. Another guy that I think they aren’t using well enough right now. Another guy great on the mic and brilliant in the ring. He held his own against Mr Feed Me More and could have a great run if given the chance.

Actually Adam Rose would be perfect in a tag team or feud with Fandango. You could have a three man group like New Day and add the craziness of Ambrose. Maybe not.

Ryback won quite easily and then beat up a Banana and a Hotdog.

These are things I love to write and can only do so because of Adam Rose. Thank you Adam Rose.


Renee probably doesn’t want to be telling Kane what Seth and his croonies have been tweeting.

Seth’s little petulant voice makes him brilliant as a whiny brat. His apology to Kane is one of the greatest things. He’s a great champion. I’m happy he is champion. I also am really happy he’s up against Orton because they work so well together.

Well the next match is dedicated to Kane. So Seth might want to win it.

Dolph Ziggler v Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins wins by Pin fall

Ziggler is a guy that I really like to see in the ring. I don’t agree with a lot of people who think he’s one of the best WWE have but he’s close. He’s in my top ten, just outside my top five.

The match was mainly Rollins though even though Ziggler had his moments. Sheamus come down to distract Ziggler but it always looked like Rollins was going to win. We also got to see what will probably be his new signature move seeing that the Curb Stomp seems to have been banned or if not banned then on a list of moves to be used on special occasions. It was a great main event but it was what happened next that was important.

After the match Rollins motor mouth seemed to piss everyone off. Hunter came down and he snatched the mic off him to moan once more about Kane who came down prompting everyone to empty out of the ring to stop Kane in his tracks whilst Rollins asked for the cage to be lowered to protect him.

As you can guess the crowd went wild as a wild Orton appeared in the ring behind Rollins and delivered his promise. Rollins became number 5 and the RKO ruled over everyone tonight.

My Thoughts :

Still don’t like anything that is happening to Kane though it was nice to see him get the last laugh. I’m not even sure I know what I want to see to replace what is currently happening to him but I just know I don’t like it. I don’t like seeing people laugh at him and I don’t like him looking weak, not that he did by the end of the night.

What I did love was seeing him blow his top at Rollins. I loved his rant right up in his face and I loved how he left Rollins just as terrified of him as he was of the RKO.

I feel WWE is doing Extreme Rules no favors with Cena defending the title so often, Reigns and Show doing nothing for the majority of the run up other then talk at each other. It feels completely like a non-event. None of the matches seem to really matter and it has a been there done that feel to it.

There are a few guys that I’d love to see get good stories in the near future, I know not everyone can have a story and its good to just see them but there are a few that could have great stories in the background like Rose, Fandango, Ambrose and even Barrett who I actually kind of missed this week. They are all fun guys, good on the mic, good in the ring and worth giving some time to.

The Miz/Mizdow thing has now actually started to get boring, having them wrestle all the time and now with Miz winning the “brand” I feel like they should just go their separate ways but I feel we’ll be seeing more of the same every week for a while yet.

Can someone please stop the Lucha arm pumping before I kill someone? Probably myself? I hate it.

More Axel mania and Bo. Now there is a tag team waiting to happen….

I will try and get a Smackdown review at the least this week but it’ll be a day late as with this blog as I have work.

I’ll hopefully also have a predicitions blog for Extreme Rules up before it airs and will hopefully be watching Extreme Rules live.

If anything I will be doing at least a Raw blog every week.

2 thoughts on “RAW Review 4/20/15”

  1. Fact Number 4 : Dean!!!! Dean!!!! Dean!!!! Dean!!!! Dean!!!!

    I like the fact game we should play it more often.

    For some reason I’m obsessed with the idea that it’s Bragging Rights (Bragging Axel? Axel Rights?! Whatever floats yer boat) on Sunday but never mind. I’m not working Monday so I’ll be watching live 🙂 .

    Still. Dean mumble mumble Dean….

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