PWA:UK 6th Anniversary Show 19th April 2015

I might have said about fifty times now but yesterday (Sunday) I went to see a wrestling show in my home town of Plymouth, England. I haven’t been to any wrestling shows in Plymouth since I was a little kid (I used to go regularly to shows at the Guildhall, met the Bushwackers once!) and I haven’t been to a wrestling show of any kind since my piss poor experience at TNA in 2012.

I would stress the point that funds and no one willing to go with me is why I stopped going to events not the fact that I had a terrible experience at a live show. I mainly went to VPW in Portsmouth and when I found out about PWA no one would venture to Stonehouse with me so I never went. Yesterday it was at the Guildhall so TWO people offered to come with me (OK my mum came because of James Storm but that’s beyond the point.)

EDIT : I’m sorry for adding so many photos… Well I’m not. I took 300 and wanted to bore you to death with them, unfortunately my camera was out of action so they are all blurry iPhone photos! Need to get a compact camera because my camera does not like the indoors not one bit! If they don’t format properly and go weird I apologise as well I’ve spent well over a hour trying to get it all right, I don’t usually like adding so many photos to a blog but felt it was needed.

EDIT EDIT : NAMES HAVE BEEN ADDED! Thanks to Logun Blackmore and Ed for giving me the names in the comments! Mr Purple and Mr Blue trunks are no more!

EDIT EDIT EDIT : Even more names have been added thanks to Krieger! Also its come to my attention a lot of people think I’m a guy… I’m actually Agendered/Non-binary (neither male nor female) and actually biologically a female (so most people use female pronouns or else just refer to me vaguely.) Its a bit late now but I like pushing the agender… agenda. As it is.

ALSO : I’d like to thank everyone in the comments and everyone either wrestler or fan at PWA : UK who have commented on the blog elsewhere or shared it. I won’t bore you to death with my problematic exsistence but its nice to see so many nice and friendly people! So thank you for being nice and also thank you for the lovely evening!

I’m not even going to kid you into believing that I heard anyone’s name or knew who anyone was.

Battle Royal

The first match was a battle royal which was actually really fun if a bit too much. The Bristol Boys as well as Krieger and Logun Blackmore (formerly some other big dude with his face painted) were the only real reasons to watch it. One of the Bristol Boys won (no doubt I’ll get someone as always coming to fill in my blanks when it comes to names) in what was a OKish opening match.

At this point my friend was completely confused, she had never even seen a wrestling match before, I should have invited her over to watch TNA or something on the WWE Network before taking her to a live show but hey ho. She had no idea what a battle royal was or what was happening and before you knew it it was over and she was left a little bemused. Its always fun seeing the reaction of a newbie.

Josh Knott v Darren Saviour


Next up was one of my favourite matches.

Well Knott instantly won over my friend who went mad for him. He was great entertainment, proper cocky heel in all his glory. One of the funniest guys there with some seriously awesomely funny dude at ringside with him. They really got the crowd worked up and he got the win over Saviour who was actually rather boring.

The match was one of my favourite because it was fun, I love a good bad guy me and him running about the place and distracting the ref so his manager/guy/dude in the coat could beat down on Saviour was a highlight.

I’m happy he won.

Johnny Sicko v Adira

Again instantly me, my mate and my mum loved Johnny Sicko. He was great on the mic and was a right git to the girl with him. Adira is a female wrestler as you can see in the photos and instantly became my hero. She was freakin’ awesome!

The match was one of the best of the night both getting some great moves in and the girl that was with Johnny seemed to have fun having water thrown over her head by the moron that is Johnny and then kissed by Adira before turning on Sicko after he cheated to win and walking off with Adira.

Sicko isn’t as fun as Mr Purple trunks but he looks the part of a heel. They had great chemistry in the ring together but most importantly they were just instantly recognisable characters. I have a terrible memory and if I ever went to wrestling event in the future and either were there I’d be able to pick them out of a crowd because they were just so memorable.

I remembered their names! That is all you need to know to know they were good. Not that the others weren’t, there was a problem with me being deaf and not hearing what was being announced at any given time.

John Harding v Ultimo Tiger






By far the fastest match of the night action wise. My mum is convinced that Ultimo Tiger is a Thundercat and apparently we had matching ears because I was wearing my Monokuma hoodie.

It was a really good match that was kind of over in a flash unfortunately because I could have watched them go on all night. Mr Thundercat was way too fast for me to even get a photo of him as he walked down to ringside let alone when he was in the ring and John Hardings yellow and red outfit was bedazzling.

A fun match with a lot of personality in it.

I like fast matches. Anyone who has spent any time with me will know what kind of wrestling I like and this was the closest they got to that kind of thing all night. I think it was the only match where I didn’t pick a favourite at the beginning to cheer for but there was a lot of love for Ultimo and John.

It is probably tied for second in my favourite matches of the night rating. Thing.

Danny Walsh v Eddie Ryan
PWA : UK Championship Match

This was my favourite match of the night. Eddie Ryan was the champion yet the whole crowd seemed to be behind Danny. To be fair so were we and we don’t know anything about either of them!

It was one of those matches. One of those.

Eddie focused on Danny’s leg which was bandaged under his pads and Danny came back now and again with some big moves hurting his leg in the process. It was one of the longest matches of the night and worked really well. Both were really good in the ring but personally I found Danny to be the better of the two.

By the end there was a lot of lying around (as you do) and in the end Danny got the win to become the champion. There was a hug between the two before Danny thanked everyone for their support and then he came out of the ring and hugged a load of people.

It was head and shoulders the best match of the night and would have been worth the £15 I paid regardless of the quality of the rest of the night!

James Storm & Abyss v UK Dominator & PJ Jones
Special guest referee Steve Lynskey




THIS was obviously the highlight of the night. The match itself wasn’t anything special, a lot of it was just showing off the fact that they had Storm and Abyss in the ring. There was a lot of messing about and running away by the UK Dominator and PJ Jones and I can’t actually remember them doing much wrestling.

Then again even my friend who had never watched a single second of wrestling before tonight got the picture that Storm and Abyss were big names and got over excited the moment their music started to play.

Storm was on form the whole time, he was just James Storm there was no character or anything he just looked extremely happy. He ran off and brought out his phone to record the audience with and made everyone happy by saying TNA should come to Plymouth (yeah… OK haha never gonna happen!) before just playing up the James Storm cowboy image (we even got a Sorry ’bout your damned luck) and really just looked like he was having the time of his life.

It was infectious because no one seemed to want to sit down the whole time he was out. He got pretty much a standing ovation when they won the match and I have now got a better memory of James Storm then the one I was left with from the TNA tour (he threw his hat into the crowd and it hit me in the face and someone then took the hat when I wasn’t looking. Of course it isn’t a bad memory of Storm just a bad memory of being so close to leaving Wembley with my favourite wrestlers hat and a bloody nose because of it. I left just with the bloody nose unfortunately!)

After the match people had the opportunity to go and get their photo with Storm and Abyss in the ring.


It was a brilliant night and I would recommend anyone that lives in Plymouth or that might be visiting Plymouth when a show is on to go check out PWA:UK. Their Facebook page can be found @ PWA:UK Facebook and it is well worth the money to see them.

As I said the PWA:UK Championship match was by far the match of the night so it isn’t like I’m saying it because it had one of my all time fav wrestlers in the show I’m saying it because these guys and girls were entertaining and damned good in the ring. It was also a very friendly feel to it, it looks like a lot of the audience go to see it regularly so it was a nice feeling all night.

I personally would love to go again, probably won’t knowing me but I might. I didn’t go and get a photo taken with Storm and Abyss as my anxiety would never have gotten me anywhere near them before I had a panic attack and ruined my mum and my friends nights. I didn’t get to go to the convention either which was a shame (but then new hair cut so yay!)

Honestly it was a great night. You can tell how well loved the whole production is from the people working there to the people in the audience. It was 100 times better then when I went to see TNA (not very difficult) but then being a big UK Kid fan girl I’m not going to say it was better then VPW (so shoot me!)

Really to all you people out there that read this go see them. Its awesome. If it isn’t you can always blame me.

The two wrestlers my friend was supporting in the first match
The Bristol Boys together again after one half of them wins.
Mr Blue Trunks upset with the loss
Adira was badass!
I’m ashamed to admit that I loved Johnny Sicko.
Another photo of Johnny Sicko posing before the match. I couldn’t have taken more if I tried (or have more blurry ones if I wanted them blurred!)
She was just amazing all match long.


Sicko might have won but he lost the girl on the night. Great story telling by all three.
I was impressed by the bright colours. Three years old at heart still.
Possibly the best “action” shot I got all night.
It was a good match but the “Thundercat” come out on top.
Lots of positive vibes all night. Nice to see so much respect in the ring as well as from the fans.
The best match of the night!

A flying knee off the ring. Not the best idea when you’ve already got a injured leg. Didn’t see the landing but heard it!

Storms air guitaring after asking for some Rock music and getting some rock music




20 thoughts on “PWA:UK 6th Anniversary Show 19th April 2015”

    1. You were a very cool “Big dude with his face painted” I’ll edit your name to the blog when I get home as mobile editor is terrible. Sorry that I didn’t catch your name!

  1. Hello, the name of the two in the first match, was Josh Knott (in the purple trunks), and Darren Saviour (in blue and silver trunks)

    1. Thank you! Again I’ll edit it when I get home tonight after work. I’ll never forget these names now they are officially burned into my brain.

    1. That ones a bit too far out for me I think! I do hope to go again as it was fun and I think it’s worth supporting but I can’t get anywhere outside Plymouth very easy.

      If you did the posters by the way they were damned awesome. I got excited every time I walked past Toys R Us (which was basically every day seeing I work next door to them haha!) they were that cool!

        1. Yeah it is a shame! I’ll check the link out when I get home 🙂 mainly as I only have 44% battery left and need my phone to get home haha!

  2. Great effort putting this together. Was a good day at the con and a great evening card. Some of these guys wrestle in the Pride shows. You shoud try and check these shows out too.

    1. Will do 🙂 going to see more wrestling shows has been something I’ve been planning on doing for a while now hopefully I’ll be able to check out a Pride show at some point :). Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Your costume was awesome! I was nudging my friend when you walked past us all excited it was so good! Yeah the minute I saw Abyss grab the urn I nearly dropped my phone to get the picture!

      1. thanks I was Bray Wyatt last year just some good fun, The PWA guys are an awesome bunch of people as well. Liking the other aspects of the site as well, let me know if its a regular thing as a few of us have a few things in the pipe line looking to announce something rather soon, hoping we get some decent support behind it as well

        1. Yeah they seem like a great group! I really do hope, anxiety permitting, I’ll be able to go to another show at some point! Thanks for the feedback 🙂 and just let me know if there is anything I can do to help! We’ve been going for over a year, maybe over two I don’t know we’ve all been around for a while doing different things together so its hard to keep track! But if there is anything we can do we’ll do it 🙂 just get in touch with me and I’ll see what I can do!

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