Gaming Babble : Birth by Sleep Part 3

Or Did he just make it up?

We opened up three new areas, one of which is somewhere we know and love (Coliseum) and the others being Deep Space and Disney Town.

Nevertheless its onwards with Aqua!


I can’t remember if we talked about the Coliseum at all at the end of the last blog but it’s fun seeing a young Herc!

To see Terra we are pushed into joining the tournament. I hate the timer, I think I hate it more then anything else the other Kingdom Hearts games have ever thrown at me. Really. When you finally get to the end of the first round you have to fight Zac, yes Zac from FFVII the squat fanatic. He’s quite sweet and seems to worship Terra.

After that fight ends we get a fight against Hades and a Titan. Another easy fight.

The mark of a hero looks more like it belongs to Agrabah then the Coliseum and it also doesn’t look much like a key! Its still got a nice bit of power to it but very weak on magic.

We also get a D-Link with Zac.


Disney town looks like a great idea but this isn’t really the game to be exploring it. I loved seeing Pete being Captain whatever it was (Captain Justice?) and Horace Horse calling him out on his cowardice.

Whilst here we get to join the Fruitbowl which is basically like a game of volleyball. I can’t really explain it but it was a load of fun. Afterwards we get introduced to the board game aspect which again was a lot of fun.

I didn’t really stay put in Disney Town as I was really excited to get to the next world which is….



Stitch (or Experiment 626) has a wayfinder just like ours, just it isn’t like ours at all. Its all Stitchified. Which is so adorable! We join Gantu searching for him but realise he’s actually quite a sweet little guy.

The area is actually quite bland, because we’re chasing Stitch it isn’t even like we get the distraction of playing with the little cute blue guy. I don’t really like the whole space ship appearance. We have Glider Battles and all sorts of tough fights. I just honestly couldn’t get excited about the whole thing.

In the end we teach Gantu a lesson and become friends with Stitch who is already friends with Terra and Ven.

Of course we get D-Linked up with Experiment 626 and we get the Hyperdrive Keyblade which again doesn’t look very key like and is a bit all over the place. The Keyblades started off really cool but are going down hill fast.

I was a bit disappointed with the world as I’m a big fan of Lilo and Stitch and think I would have preferred it if they’d set it in Hawaii with Lilo. As it was it felt very empty.


WOOHOO the lost boys! Now this is something I was really excited about and it didn’t disappoint at all.

I really hope we get to see Neverland in KH3 when it comes out, even though I’m all for new worlds as well I really want to see Sora meet Peter in his own world and not just on Hooks ship. They could explore it much more, it would be so cool!

It was lovely getting to see Peter and the Lost Boys playing together and upsetting Hook. The level was quite straight forward but the battle level was very high. The Unversed Apes could kill me in two moves and at times there were so many different types all attacking at once that it actually was very difficult.

The treasure that we helped Peter and the boys find was Ven’s wooden Keyblade. Which the Masked Boy (or Vanitas) destroys before we fight him once more.

This fight is actually very difficult. I found being very defensive to be the key to winning the match. I equipped quite a few Cura’s and even went away and trained up some of my commands to get a bit stronger.

After I finally beat him we forge a D-Link with Peter and get the Pixie Petal which is a nice looking Keyblade but again not really a Keyblade.

When we leave Neverland we have a few cut scenes all to do with Destiny Island and her and the boys and such what. She see’s baby Riku and Sora on the island which means she met all three of the modern day trio. After we finished with all that we get the Stormfall which is actually a great looking Keyblade before finding Mickey floating around and having to take him to see Yen Sid. Yen Sid tells us all about what is apparently happening with Terra and we set off to our last destination to find out what is happening.


Its desolate and boring to look at, we have some strange assed battles but to be honest this part is all about the ending really.

The boys seem to have had much more fun then us, most of our story seems to have happened in Aqua’s mind away from the screen. She seems to know what’s happening without being told. Now we put the pieces together and go to our final fights. Ven gets frozen so its up to us to fight Braig (Xigbar) who is actually a lot harder then he is when he’s a Nobody.

After Braig we have the easiest of battles which is with a possessed Ven. After that fight which is long but as I said easy we destroy the X-Blade and get blasted away just to wake up with Yen Sid and be told that Ven is asleep and might never wake up but also Terra is gone and won’t be found. Though Aqua doesn’t seem to think all is lost.

And that is it. Aqua’s story is over.

We’ll be going to Ven next in the next blog. It feels good to get one story done though as I know that something bad has happened to Terra until I finish the game completely I’m going to be so emotional every time Terra is around!

Next week, Ven!

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