Game of Thrones : The Lost Lords

The second game in the Game of Thrones series. I wasn’t particularly taken by the first episode but regardless I’ve decided to finish it.

The second episode see’s Gared make it to the wall, we get introduced to Asher and see what happens to House Forrester and Mira.

The graphics are still dodgy, the only character I really think looked any good was Margery once more. I did like Asher, though his companion looked like something out of Dragon Age. Jon Snow wasn’t too bad and they managed to emulate the lost look on Kit Harington’s face perfectly, just Snow does have more then one emotion (usually either lost little boy or angry little boy but that’s still more then one) and they only managed to portray one.

The timing was off. Some of the scenes were such a pain in the backside and I had to do it three or four times even though I was tapping the right button. The interaction was so stubbornly difficult that I nearly gave up after doing a timed event three times.

The story also plodded on with no real care for what you were choosing to do. Again all the options I picked seemed to be pointless in the face of the greater story.

What I have realised with this episode is that I’m now kind of involved in the story. I get angry with the game play (which is bad at best and unplayable at worst) and how ugly a lot of the characters look. It has a very unpolished feel and I spend most of the time angrily shouting at the screen. Yet I still found myself more angry because I wanted the story to work in the way I wanted it too. I wanted Mia and Margaery to be friends and I didn’t want to let her down, I wanted Asher to be a cocky git that followed his uncle, I wanted Rodrik (who isn’t dead) to be strong. I want to see the story of the Forresters no matter if it ends on a high or a low.

This is its biggest positive. Its even more surprising as I gave up on the TV show in series 3. I haven’t seen a single episode of season 4 and will only possibly watch season 5 because my mum wants to watch it.

To then say I’m emotionally involved with a Game of Thrones game makes me laugh. It also kind of makes me want to watch season four purely because this tiny little game has made me fall in love with Margaery Tyrell, even with the ugly graphics in this game they fail at trying to make Natalie Dormer look ugly her beauty shines through the horribleness and now I just want to see her.

The second episode is nothing to write home about with massive jumps of logic regardless though the story itself has gotten me hooked. For the same reason I kind of liked the Starks I’m in love with House Forrester and am determined to do my best for this family even though I have no real choice in anything in this game other then to let Asher throw a few cocky one liners at people from time to time.

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