Fairy Tail Zero : Blue Skull

Chapter 6

Finally the gang made it to Magnolia but they didn’t find the vibrant city they were expecting (and that we know and love!)

What next?

As the title says they meet Blue Skull and they soon learn that they shouldn’t underestimate Mages.

The master of the Guild looks so cool and he saw right through Mavis’s illusions and also was able to counterattack from Yuriy’s attack too. Precht lost his eye and Mavis had no choice but to be dragged away crying with Zeira.

Of course we know all is not lost but it was a decisive defeat.

Blue Skull isn’t to be underestimated it seems and the fact that Mavis did underestimate them shows her lack of knowledge of the world, though she shouldn’t be too surprised seeing she did grow up with some horrible people.

Magnolia is dying or dead and we know that Fairy Tail will bring it back to life, the end of the chapter says they meet people in the woods and I wonder if they’ll help teach the others magic because to be honest I don’t see Mavis being able to teach anyone anything other then what she knows.

It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes them to come back to Magnolia. I guess that is the start of Fairy Tail will be in the war with Blue Skull.

It was sad to see Mavis defeated but it is also in the end going to prove a blessing for her, she was too confident and didn’t see the world the way it really is. She thinks just because she learnt something in a book and did well at it that that would be enough against people that had to learn their craft and use it on a day to day basis in the face of death most likely. Well it wasn’t. It was kind of what the others said in the last chapter about trusting people. I don’t think she’s wrong to trust people but she should never underestimate them.

I’m guessing she won’t underestimate someone again.

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