F1 : Bahrain 2015 GP Preview

Race Day : 19th April

Mercedes was back to dominating in China last week but with only a week between the last Grand Prix and this Grand Prix at the Bahrain International Circuit we’ll see if they really do have the upper hand or if Ferrari can claw back some of their advantage.

Drivers Championship Standings Top 5

1 : Lewis HAMILTON
2 : Sebastian VETTEL
3 : Nico ROSBERG
4 : Felipe MASSA

It’ll be the tenth time F1 races at Bahrain. Bahrain debuted eleven years ago in 2004, a race won by Michael Schumacher, and last year it saw its first night race to celebrate ten years as  F1 circuit.

For me Bahrain is always about its run off areas and its controversy.

The track has some of the biggest run off areas on the calender which makes it the safest track but also means the drivers don’t get punished for pushing too hard or making a mistake.

The controversy surrounding nearly every Bahrain Grand Prix is a question of Human Rights. The race was cancelled in 2011 (hence 11 years in the sport and this being the 10th race) after a uprising in Bahrain and protests about going to the race but since then amidst protests in the country against the Grand Prix we have returned. It has always opened up a discussion about F1s place in the world and whether or not the sport should take a stand against the politics of a country or whether it should be completely neutral. Its a conversation we’ve been having nearly every year and maybe its just because I haven’t really been online much recently but its one I haven’t seen much of this year.

The race itself doesn’t tend to have too many surprises. The lowest down the grid someone has won the race from is 4th (Alonso in 2006 and Button in 2009) and it tends to be one of the favourites for the title that wins it. Alonso has gone well historically at the track.

Last year Hamilton won after a battle with team mate Nico Rosberg which kind of leaves me thinking seeing Rosberg seems to have lost something maybe a little mentally to Hamilton this year that Hamilton will have a much easier time of it.

What do I want?

I really want to see Williams surprise us. Either a pole position, podium or a win I’d love to see them surprise us.

I don’t see much happening at the front but to see the Ferrari’s and Williams slowly being on a equal footing and being able to take advantage of any mistake by Mercedes might be good.

What I really want to see is the midfield condensing together. If the midfield teams mixed up a little better there could be some really good fights with the likes of Grosjean, Verstappen, Ricciardo and Nasr all fighting for some points. Last race the top 4 teams were pretty obvious and finished comfortably in their places. I’d love to see Sauber, Lotus, Toro Rosso and Red Bull continue to squabble nearly as much as I want Williams to become equal to Ferrari.

As it is I think it’ll be a easy win for Lewis.

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