Cherry Tree High Comedy Club Initial Thoughts

A different kind of game to talk about today. One that I can see me playing for a long time.

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club is a Action Visual Novel game where you control the main character, Miley Verisse, as she tries to convince people to join the Comedy Club.

I like visual novels. I’ve been laughed at for liking them but there is a lot that I love about them. You can play them for hours either just wasting time or exploring options you never tried before.

I’ve played less then a hour so far so I haven’t got much done but there is a lot to talk about nonetheless.

For a start the characters.

I like the main character (Miley, Miru, whatever) the humour that she has keeps me giggling but she’s also just a really positive little character. Her friends are all vastly different from a calm and collected best friend to a punk, a kid and a transfer student with a lovely dog.

Each character has their own unique personality and their own unique needs if you want to “court” them to join you. You have no choice over WHAT you say but you have a choice when hanging out over what you talk ABOUT. This also means that you have a chance to read magazines to up your “skill” level in each conversation starter. The problem being you can only talk about certain things once.

So for example when I found out one of my friends liked Fashion without thinking about it I talked to her about Fashion without even getting to level one in Fashion “skill”. Therefore I won’t be able to talk to them about Fashion any more.

This is where the difficulty lies.

With a hour in game at the moment its easy to say that the first time you play the game is going to be a test run. You’ll learn how to manage your time and figure out what you might need to be doing to make life easier for you later on. I’m not sure I’ll be able to win anyone over the rate I’m going but the fun thing is I don’t mind restarting the game after playing it through the first time.

It is all about time management.

Nearly everything you do will advance you on. You only really have a morning and afternoon to do anything in, in the evening you can go to bed early or do homework or read but you only really get a morning and afternoon to play with. Its worth visiting every area once in the morning and once in the afternoon as I’ve already seen that random things can happen at different times. I met a famous comedian who told me to look out for his son but the first two times I went to that area there was no one or nothing to do there. If I had stopped going there I’d have missed that moment completely.

You can also pick up things off the street like empty bottles. At first I was going to give up picking them up before being told if I collect 10 I can give them to the girl who runs our dorm and get money for them.

So its worth running around the place during each morning and afternoon just to see what is different.

The controls are easy, I mean there isn’t going to be anything difficult with a visual novel really is there?

You have the direction buttons, you have have Enter (or C) to interact with people and the X button to open your menu.

There is only one save point which is your friend at the end of the day when you are in your bedroom. Just choose “Talk about day” and it’ll take you to the save screen.

If there is a option when you talk to someone you want to be careful because you don’t need to press a button to move the conversation along and you can accidentally press a button you didn’t want to.

Other then the option to talk to people you also have a part time job you can do as well as interacting with shops, vending machines, tables and bookshelves.

I spent most of the hour I played in the game exploring. I think I have 3 or 4 people targeted as potential members.

The actual game is drawn really nicely but is nothing special, I hate that you can’t have the game in full screen which is a pain. The characters all look great though and other then the fact they all wear the same clothes every day they have a number of various facial expressions when talking to you.

I love the daily calender, its simple but really pretty it also helps you just realise how much time you’ve taken as well as help you figure out when events (such as something opening up or books being changed in the library) are about to happen.

There are also cute little touches like when you actually do a action that takes up your time a banner comes across the screen with a picture of you… Doing that thing. Like Homework, or having tea at the Cafe or watching a film. I like this because it would have been just as easy to have gone to a blank screen and just left it at that but instead you get to see something.

This is only the second visual novel I’ve played and it isn’t like I’ve played much of it but its a fun game with great characters and so far a great story. The humour is simple and its fun. That is the big winner for it. Its fun.

So with only a hour of game play I 100% recommend this game.

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