RAW Review 4/13/15

Raw – 13th April

Tonight Raw is coming from London. It was pre-recorded so I had to be good and try not to read the spoilers as they came out.

Not really sure what I’m writing as its my first review but we’ll sort it out as we go along.

Matches quick overlook :

John Cena v Bad News Barret
Winner : John Cena

Diva’s Battle Royal
Winner : Paige

Lucha Dragons v The Ascension
Winner : Lucha Dragons

Randy Orton v Cesaro
Winner : Randy Orton

Match Restarted
Randy Orton v Cesaro & Tyson Kidd
Winner : Randy Orton

Adam Rose v Dean Ambrose
Winner : Dean Ambrose

Fandango v Stardust
Winner : Stardust

Seth Rollins v Kane
Winner :  Seth Rollins

Miz v Mizdow
Winner : Mizdow

Ryback v Luke Harper
Winner : Ryback

Dolph Ziggler v Neville
Winner : Dolph Ziggler

RAW in depth :

John Cena v Bad News Barrett
John Cena wins by pinfall

I really liked the match, I am really liking the Cena open invitational at the moment as regardless of my feelings on Cena it has given some really good wrestlers a chance to shine. Its a shame that none of the three that have so far challenged him has beaten him, I know that they won’t with his rivalry with Rusev set to carry on to Extreme Rules but Ambrose, Stardust and Bennett have all deserved the win in the matches.

The sad thing is, in hindsight of writing this, this was the best match of the night. The only one that was given any time to work with. Barrett and Cena had a good back and forth and Barrett on the mic before the match was brilliant.

Kind of hoping that Barrett wins his match at Extreme Rules and brings the Intercontinental Championship back to the Barrett camp as I find him a much better champion then Bryan and I’m just a big fan if I’m honest.

After the match Lana distracted Cena and Rusev snuck up from behind to hit Cena with a chain and we get the announcement that their match at Extreme Rules will be a Russian Chain Match. How that differs from normal chain matches I guess we’ll see.

Diva’s Battle Royal
Paige wins by eliminating Naomi last

I was really disappointed with the Battle Royal. Why? Because I was so excited to have a battle royal with the Diva’s and see them get a chance to fight and then it was over within minutes.

I don’t know why the Diva’s battle royals are just fall out of the ring and you are out and that was the major problem.

They were basically just rolling out of the ring and it was sad.

After the match Paige got a chance to scream down the mic about her upbringing in the UK and her plans to beat the champion before being attacked by Naomi.

Naomi is my favorite Diva. She’s amazing. Her strength is brilliant and I want her to have the belt even if it means Paige winning it and going into a feud with Naomi. Her beat down on Paige was dominant and I’m sad she didn’t win.

Bray Wyatt

After the Diva’s finally leave we get a Bray Wyatt promo.

Does anyone know who he is waffling on about? What it is he’s talking about? Does he know?

I’m kind of worried that he’s after Dean Ambrose again which would suck because Ambrose deserves so much better right now, he’s the one guy that needs any kind of push. Other then that I’m not sure who else he could be talking too.

I’m kind of fed up guessing if I’m honest.

Lucha Dragons v The Ascension
Lucha Dragons win by pinfall

I’m no fan of either of the tag teams if I’m completely honest with you. Yeah I am slightly impressed with the Lucha Dragons but they aren’t anything special and their arm pumping Lucha chants is making me want to rip out my hair.

The whole damn thing felt much more like a showcase for the Lucha Dragons and thankfully it was over before it even really began.

Roman Reigns

Thanks to Anna and Amanda I really want to write Romain every time I write his name. Thanks girls.

There wasn’t much interesting in what Roman had to say, all it really did was push him v The Big Show. A load of crap was spoken and then the Big Show shows up when Roman is pretty much walking out of the stage and beats him up.

Actually the saddest thing about it all was the fact that this whole segment, the talking, the very slow beat down of Reigns, the posing and posturing. All these things seemed to take a lot longer then any of the matches bar the Barrett/Cena match. If they had just cut that whole part, of course it wouldn’t be cut because its Reigns, they could have given the Diva’s another 5 minutes on top of their weak match and it might not have been so bad.

Randy Orton v Cesaro
Randy Orton wins by DQ

So another stupidly short match. Tyson Kidd gets involved and the match gets stopped which leads to Kane coming down and restarting the match as a 2 on 1 with Kidd now involved.

It is one way I guess to make the match longer, by making it two super short matches.

Randy Orton v Cesaro & Tyson Kidd
Randy Orton wins by pinfall

The whole point of the restarted match was so that it would be one sided but it didn’t feel that bad. Kidd and Cesaro are interesting enough on their own when you have them together regardless of the number game they are great. Even on his own Orton was great.

I actually didn’t think Orton would win seeing that him winning gave him the right to pick the type of match for his match against Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules but he won. The match was actually nearly as good as the opening match, shame it didn’t just start off as a 2 on 1.

After the match we get to listen to Rollins driveling on at Kane. I like Rollins as champion, I love him as a Heel. I’m a big fan of Rollins in general but his voice sometimes makes me want to cry and when he’s being a pain to Kane I just wish he’d get over the Authority crap and beat the crap out of Rollins.

Maybe they want to change the championship belt. Its bigger then the champion.

Adam Rose v Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose wins by pinfall

These two guys are brilliant in the ring and I wish we get more of them. Actually I think these two could have a great feud or even be good together as a team. They are both weird as hell in their own ways and both really need something to do.

I think my favorite move in the world is Amrbose’s clothesline from the second rope.

The match was way too short. They both really need to be in longer and better matches. Ambrose is a man on fire at the moment and fans love him.

We carry on with Kane’s Authority headaches. This time Show is giving him some words of advice and actually for a change Show is making a good point.

I’m feeling so bad for Kane right now as he’s like everyone’s bitch but this little moment was actually really nice and said a lot about the Authority and the people in it at the moment.

Fandango v Stardust
Stardust wins by pinfall

Another two brilliant competitors. Really love Stardust, he’s crazy but he’s good crazy.

Problem? This match wasn’t even three minutes long! It was like two moves long. It was silly. It was pointless and the time it took to do this they could have had a longer match earlier in the night.

Fandango then starts to dance on the Spanish announce table. Well I say dance. Wiggling. Strutting. He’s apparently dumped Rosa. I’m sure that the short match was worth the dancing.

Back with Kane and his ongoing problems now we’ve got Daniel Bryan doing the opposite of what Show was doing and telling Kane that he shouldn’t be doing what the Authority wants. Sometimes I forget that these two were tag team partners.

Seth Rollins v Kane
Seth Rollings by pinfall

I really wish that Seth just got his ass handed to him every week by Kane. He’s such a spoilt brat in the Authority. Kane is way too good for what he’s doing right now.

I liked that we got to see Kane fight with himself over what was right and I loved the Chokeslam but then he lay down and rolled Seth over him and I can’t help but agree with JBL and say that I’m disappointed in Kane. I’m disappointed that they didn’t just have Kane kick his ass and leave the Authority. I’m really sad.

Miz v Mizdow
Mizdow wins by pinfall

Have to give Mizdow and Miz credit they have had some wonderful moments since Wrestlemania. Mizdow gets a pinfall and Miz is starting to lose his advantage against Mizdow. I just really like them two against each other and again a little pissed that it was such a short match. In fact I was messing about with the WWE app as Anna was going crazy about a interview with Dean Ambrose and the match kind of had ended as I pressed on the app to turn it on.


We then got a bit of the Prime Time Players which I really liked because they make me laugh.

Ryback v Luke Harper
Ryback wins by DQ

So yeah it was a good match, both of them are just bad ass in the ring. It was never going to finish in anything other then DQ with Harper though and I’m happy that it seems that Harper v Ambrose is still a thing. Last thing I want is for Ambrose to be stuck with Wyatt again so lets keep him with Harper.

Naomi gives some attitude in a interview. Good on her, she’s great. I want her to take her chance she deserves a title shot. She’s my Diva. I like that attitude and I agree with what she had to say and I really like how strong she’s coming over. I’m hoping this is a positive step for the Diva’s in general.

Dolph Ziggler v Neville
Dolph Ziggler wins by pinfall

I have been so impressed with Neville since he debuted. I’m a big fan of his and he continued to be impressive against Ziggler.

Another good match featuring a Brit in it. Nearly as good as the first match with Barrett and Cena. I just love watching how Neville fights he’s so fast and so confident in his ability. Its great.

After the match Sheamus came down and attacked Ziggler. Damn him. Or not.

We end with Seth and Randy picking a stipulation for their match at Extreme Rules.

So the RKO is banned and they will be fighting inside a steal cage. Interesting.

Not really but I can pretend it is for tonight.

My Thoughts :

Matches were way too short, felt like because it was in England they had to give as many of the top names a spot to keep the fans happy but the matches were way too short and if I’d paid to see it I’d have rather seen a few good matches and not millions of three minute matches.

Good night for all my favorites which always leaves a good taste in the mouth but it also felt so long just because it was so rushed.

Totally pissed at what is happening to Kane and tonight was the lowest of the low points. Loved his Chokeslam, wish he had done the right thing and then teamed up kind of with Bryan for a Hell No reunion and kicked some Authority ass.

My biggest disappointment though was the Diva’s match, it could have been so much more but it was treated like it didn’t matter and that was wrong. Using it to turn Naomi was a great idea and I hope in the near future she holds the title for ages because she will dominate.

Great showing from the British wrestlers in front of their home crowd. Barrett started the night off in explosive manner, Paige winning went down well, Neville is a highlight regardless of him being at home and then Sheamus. Yeah everyone loves a bit of Heel Sheamus never turn him again WWE you are on to a winner there.

I missed getting to listen to the Miz spout rubbish but I did get to hear Barrett spout some rubbish.

Happy that Ambrose and Harper is still a thing.

Wish someone would gag Wyatt.

All I need now is for Kane to go Big Red Monster on the Authority and no more lying down to the cocky little shit that is Seth Rollins.

That isn’t a negative against Seth Rollins as that is the kind of champion I love. He’s doing a great job and can’t wait for Extreme Rules with him and Orton.

I won’t be able to do many blogs live during the year, it’ll be as and when I catch up with the shows. I usually work when Raw and Smackdown are on so it’ll be the day after or else maybe a few days later but I hope to get a few more live reviews in here and there.

Let me know what you think and what I can do to make it better.

3 thoughts on “RAW Review 4/13/15”

  1. 1. How dare they make Kane so sad. How dare they make him lay down for Rollins. How dare anyone be mean to Kane!

    2. I am going to bed with tears in my eyes because Dean Ambrose was on for like 5 minutes tops. He needs to be on every three seconds! I had to get a dose of him on the App, I downloaded the WWE App just to hear his wonderful voice.



    5. Fandango takes the fun out of taking the piss out of Fernando by calling him Fandango because Fandango is so cool!

    6. Naomi is the greatest Diva in the world. I love her. Give her all the titles NOW!

    4:15am. Off to bed I go!

    1. 1- Kane is a pushover. I like it. I want Seth Rollins to get his ass handed to him by Kane. The fact that you treat him like he’s some helpless little cruiserweight makes me laugh seeing he’s like one of the biggest superstars there is in WWE.

      2- Oh shut up about Dean Ambrose.

      3/4 – You would say that being British.

      5- I thought you called him Nacho anyway?

      6- I’m still really pissed about the Diva’s battle royal but I agree that Naomi is the best.

      1. 1 – Yes I want to see Seth Rollins get his ass kicked by Kane but not because I dislike Seth Rollins because I love his cocky ass but because I’d just love to see Kane shut him up! Ha! Just because he’s a big dude doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve love!

        2 – I shall never shut up about Dean Ambrose, I want to see him in a great feud and then I want to see him up against Rollins for the title!

        3/4 – Nope. I have never liked Cena and want Barrett to have a title and I just love Neville and how fast he is. I didn’t even know Neville was British until this Raw!

        5 – Yes but we also call him Fandango and now that there is a cute Fandango for me to talk about I can’t really call Nacho Fandango when he gets on my nerves 😦 .

        6 – Tell me about it! I was so excited to see the Diva’s get a chance on Raw to do something great and then it was relegated to a three minute suck fest. It sucked. But I want Naomi to kick all their assess!

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