Gotham : Beasts of Prey

It feels like a eternity since Gotham was last on our TV screens but it returns with no fanfare just picking up where it left off.

If you need a reminder of where that was why not check out the “Everyone Has a Cobblepot” review.

It really does just pick up where it left off as well. Jim is trying to make the world a better place by picking up a job that a uniform passed on. Penguin is going about his business. Fish is trying to get off the island with little regard to the people around her. Its like we didn’t have to wait a month to see it.

If I’m honest they should have ended on a episode like this, having to wait a month after the last episode was a pain and this one ended on plenty of cliffhangers worth waiting for. It is what it is now though I guess.

The Ogre is a good villain to have introduced, there isn’t anything for them to go on and when he finds out that someone is investigating him he’ll be on Jim and Harvey’s case faster then they’d like. All this was a set up, quite a obvious set up before I even knew that he went after the loved ones of the cops that hunted for him, by Leob after Gordon bested him.

Fish’s escape didn’t go quite as planned either though I’m sure she’s going to survive. She always does. It surprised me that she really did choose the people that had been mutilated to save. It was quite sweet but I’m kind of sick of the whole Fish story now and just really wish that something interesting would happen or she’d just die.

That sounds a little mean but I found Fish boring to begin with and since Penguin took over and she’s been exiled and caught its gone from one silly story with her to another. I wasn’t a Fish fan but now I’m really not a fan. I know she’ll survive because this is hardly going to be the end for her when a lot worse has happened and she still needs to have her reunion with Butch and a showdown with Penguin. I honestly think her and Butch are going to go down trying to take down Penguin, or else Butch is going to take her down.

Bruce goes after the guy who stabbed Alfred with Selina and we see the first time the Penguin and Bruce share the same space of land as each other as the Penguin walks behind Bruce in one scene. David Mazouz is still one of the best parts of the whole series such a great actor.

There was a lot going on in the episode but it was a lot of building up to the cliffhangers as they were. Jim threatening Leob, Fish being shot, Penguin telling us his plan.

It was a really good return. It didn’t have enough time for a few characters but with three episodes left there could be a few good turns still left in it. Nice to see Bullock so relaxed now and Ed not being the center of anyone’s jokes for a moment in time. Also Jim being so in command and confident was good.

The series has gone from strength to strength and now we’re gearing up to the season finale which will feel like the third or fourth season ending we’ve had.

One thought on “Gotham : Beasts of Prey”

  1. You know I felt the same that this felt like it would have lead to a gap in the series better then Everyone has a Cobblepot did.

    I think the only reason I liked the episode so much was because it hadn’t been on for so long. I can’t really remember what happened and I can’t really say why I liked it. The characters were great I guess and just had time to do random silly things. Milo Ventimiglia was actually quite awesome and I’d love to see him from time to time. I don’t want him to be caught for seasons! I’d love to see a few moments where they go face to face with The Ogre. Probably wouldn’t happen though.

    I really do think they need to set up a bad guy for the GCPD like The Ogre though and keep it going. The rest of the stuff going on doesn’t have anything to do with the GCPD really and it would be boring as hell if they don’t have at least one constant threat not from within.

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