Chinese F1 Grand Prix 2015

No one would have guessed we’d see Vettel win the race last week. After a bland opening GP in Australia we were treated for some good racing and a “shock” result.

I’ve said now at least twice that China tends to be the forgettable race for me. Will this weekend be the first time I care about a Chinese GP?

1st : Lewis Hamilton
2nd : Nico Rosberg
3rd : Sebastian Vettel
4th : Kimi Raikkonen
5th : Felipe Massa
6th : Valtteri Bottas
7th : Romain Grosjean

Usually the front group isn’t all lumped together but from 1st to 7th (at one point 8th) there was just nothing of interest. The Mercedes dominate still, Nico thinks that Lewis messed up his race but then Nico also needs to buckle down and get on with the job now. No more excuses, nothing more to say, if you aren’t beating Lewis then just shut up and look internally why.

The Ferrari’s are next, there could have been a squabble between them but I doubt it. Kimi wasn’t happy with the blue flagged cars but it was actually different hearing him be emotional about it all. A boring race from the Ferraris but a good result.

The Williams are the next best team and they didn’t really trouble each other. The opening lap with Kimi was partially interesting but other then that nothing new.

Then the next best after that which is Lotus. Maldonado was up there too until he made a mistake in the pit lane.

It just looks like all of them are that little bit better on performance then the other and unless team mates are going to start to battle it out there could be a lot of blocking out the top 8 or so places all season. I do think some tracks will bring other factors that’ll close the gap especially between Williams and Lotus but I also do think that as long as there are no silly mistakes or EXTREME factors then this is what we’re looking at for the majority of the season.

8th : Felipe Nasr
9th : Daniel Ricciardo
10th : Marcus Ericsson

There was a bit of a interesting scrap going on between these and Max Verstappen in the middle of the race but by the end of the race they seemed to have calmed down too. The Red Bulls look horrible to drive out there, the Toro Rosso’s look like they, and to be fair Sauber, could mount a charge at the Lotus and Williams. Max Verstappen I’ll talk about in a bit.

Happy to see Nasr in the top ten again and both Saubers.

I’m not sure earlier on why it was so important for Kvyat to give way to Ricciardo or why the commentators decided that it was silly of Kvyat to make him work a little for it. The Red Bulls, both of them, were slow and it is only race 3 and I don’t see why Kvyat when both cars aren’t going anywhere fast should be Ricciardo’s doormat in race 3!

Just my opinion though,

11th : Sergio Perez
12th : Fernando Alonso
13th : Carlos Sainz Jr

I heard them mention Sainz once whilst the other Toro Rosso and the Red Bulls were climbing up the grid. That was like close to lap 10 or something. From then on I didn’t see or hear much about him.

Perez I think I heard them say his name once before realising it was actually Hulkenberg that had retired.

Alonso was only mentioned in passing when the Ferrari’s were trying to lap him and when Jenson and Pastor had their coming together.

Decent results on the surface, look deeper and they were just nowhere this race.

14th : Jenson Button

Sad times for Jenson who had a good little fight with Maldo for a while before they came together. Deserved to be higher at the finish then Alonso but at least he was fighty!

15th : Will Stevens
16th : Roberto Merhi

Nice to see them start AND finish! What more do you want me to say? They were lapped twice.


Max Verstappen


He pulled quite a few overtakes out and was the most interesting man on the grid for a big part of the race.

Then when his car finally gave out (what is with the unreliability of the Red Bulls and Toro Rossos all of a sudden?) the marshals gave us a closing show trying to angle it back through the wall to get it out of the way leaving the mechanics running over to take of the wing before the marshals just smashed it off anyway!

But for anyone saying he’s too young he had a great race and when he puts his helmet on he’s just as much as a fighter as anyone else in F1 and had brilliantly clean moves. He’s five times the racer then Maldonado is and he’s a rookie! And 17!

Great showing from him, shame that he didn’t get to finish. Nice to see his dad enjoying the show too!

Pastor Maldonado

Again? Again.

Daniil Kvyat

Suffered from the unreliability of the Red Bull. His car was apparently on fire though it just looked smokey from where I was sitting. Shame because people are starting to say he isn’t deserving of the car he’s driving but that Red Bull has been on a decline now since the beginning of last year and when Daniel, who looked better then Sebastian 90% of last year is fighting for 9th well. You can’t really complain? He didn’t retire for any fault of his own so who knows where he’d have ended up?

Nico Hulkenberg

Again retired with gearbox problems.

The Race

I’m sorry but the race was DULL. There was hardly any movement in the grid from the opening lap and the fights were far and few between. Even watching the highlights program on the BBC I found that there was just nothing to watch.

Just look at the grid and you can see that most teams are pretty much that one step ahead of the one behind them. Mercedes aren’t that far ahead of Ferrari but enough that a battle between the two will be far and few between. The Ferrari’s aren’t that much better then Williams but enough so that they didn’t bother each other in the race. The Williams aren’t a million miles from Lotus but Grosjean had a lonely race.

Then again team mates seem to be nowhere near each other either. There was no epic Mercedes battle, there wasn’t a giant Ferrari struggle, Williams I didn’t see or hear of but they ended the same as they ended lap one as so nothing.

The thing is even off the track it isn’t like there is a big struggle within teams.

Lewis wants no part in Nico’s drama (good for him,) Sebastian is so chill that nothing at the moment is going to bother him and Kimi is Kimi. Felipe is a darling but Bottas as far as I’ve ever been aware doesn’t seem to have a shred of personality about him so there is not going to be any fireworks there. Romain is Mr Lovely so even if he had a pain in the butt team mate he’d just smile and get on with life.

Even the hot heads have nothing to be hot headed about. Lewis is being chilled and has this thing at the moment under control, Alonso is so far away from getting results and seems to unpassionate about racing right now that if he GETS upset I’d probably explode! Everyone else is just going about business and their business seems to be showing up and just being… Well… Kind of meh!

For all the good racing in Malaysia the whole show around it is starting to feel a bit down. I’m hoping the return to Europe will shake things up. Hopefully.


I wish I could muster a little more excitement then that but unfortunately that is how I feel.

We’ll be back next week (possibly Monday again!) with Bahrain! Its the last GP before we head to Europe and another that can either be brilliant or terrible. We’ll wait and see.

Over on the forum in the next few days we’ll be starting a F1 (as well as wrestling) Championship so visit in the next few days to see how you can enter it (you’ll be able to enter it on the blog but results will be posted only on the forum unless we get a following for it on here too!)

I’ll have my preview on Wednesday but other then that lets hope for more positive steps in Bahrain!

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