Game of Thrones : Iron From Ice

So if you haven’t guessed this is going to take over from Sam and Max for at least three weeks. The Game of Thrones Telltale game which see’s you play as a variety of characters related to House Forrester in some way.

I have to admit to being rather disappointed with the game. It felt more like a episode of Game of Thrones with a few “tape button now” moments then anything else.

For a start I don’t like games that have cinematic interaction in them. Actually I do and I don’t. Walking Dead has its moments but I always feel like I’m involved in the plot and half the time I could have done something else to stop me being in this position to begin with. In Game of Thrones it feels much more like that is the only real game dynamic they put any thought into and it becomes boring after about five minutes.

The biggest problem I have though is that there is a obvious set story to it that you have to follow.

For example Gared is going to the wall, so no matter how much I bitch and moan about going to the wall I’ll be going to the wall. Even though I personally would never have gone to the wall and would have ran away rather then going to the wall I had to go to the wall. So I spent a whole conversation complaining about going to the wall but then went to the wall anyway and at no point did it feel like my option had provoked anything out of my uncle other then what he was going to say anyway.

That might not sound very clear so I’ll put it a different way.

I always feel in The Walking Dead and Life is Strange that my decision matter. I know they have a story to tell and all roads will lead to the ending Telltale and Square Enix want BUT (and this is the big but) I always feel in charge.

In The Walking Dead I kind of feel like its pointless ever having them talk about anything because even if I am 100% certain I’ll do one thing the character will suddenly forget they are 100% against it in the next breath and be a completely different character.

That is my biggest problem with it.

Another negative?

Man is it ugly! The Walking Dead is cool to look at and Life is Strange might not be the best when it comes to the people but its beautiful. Game of Thrones has horrible looking characters and terrible looking backgrounds. All the interactions with objects look clunky and stupid and sometimes it hurts just to look at it.

It is one of the ugliest games I’ve ever seen.


I love the main family in the game which is the Forresters. I really like the whole family and I even like Gared and his uncle. I feel emotionally attached to them and maybe that is why I felt angry that I had no say in the characters ultimate ending for episode one.

For me it is much more interesting and fun then the actual game series and the characters are much better thought out.

The story is great in fact that is the only thing I like about it but I’d have rather they brought out a animated TV series following them then make me pretend to have any effect on it at all.

A good story isn’t enough to make you want to carry on. I’m still playing because I’ve started and want to see it through to the end but it isn’t like I’d ever bother to recommend it to people. It doesn’t stand anywhere close to the games in its genre. I feel a lot of the love for the series comes from it being Game of Thrones and not through anything in the game in particular.

For future reference :

Duncan is my sentinel
I’ve done EVERYTHING to keep Margaery happy
After initially trying to get Gared out of joining the Wall I’ve made him totally pro-taking the black

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