Fairy Tail Zero : A Moonlit Lake

Chapter 5

Lets recap.

We are following the story of Mavis. Mavis meets Yuriy, Warrod and Precht. Mavis (and her friend Zeira) leave Tenrou Island to find the Tenrou Jade. Mavis and Precht find out that Blue Skull, who stole the Jade, are in Magnolia.

Not only that but Zeref.

This week we take a step away from the action and a few important little things happen.

One we see that both Warrod and Precht have come to like, respect and care for Mavis and Zeira. They have “given up” on the Jade from their own perspective and are willing to give the Jade back to Mavis.

Yuriy who still respects and cares for them is not willing to just give the Jade back to the girls. Oh the stubbornness of a Dreyer!

Secondly we see that Zeira is determined to protect Mavis so wants to be taught magic so she can protect her as best she can. This is quite sweet to be honest and also adds to my mind that something terrible is going to happen to her.

If I’m honest it was nice to see them all talking. I liked the small little moment in the lake with Mavis and Zeira because it gave Zeira a little more to her character then just being a scaredy cat all the time. It also meant that we got to see a little more the growing bond between Mavis and the other three. Its hard at times to remember that Mavis and Zeira are the same age or that they are only 13 as I they seem more capable of looking after themselves then Yuriy does. That switched on Mavis is more then enough to inspire people like Precht to follow her.

When they get to Magnolia they find the skeleton of a giant dragon. Magnolia looks nothing like what we are used to.

I wonder what that all means.

Did we see a dragon in chapter 1 with Blue Skull? If I’m being honest I can’t remember but the sight of it gives me the creeps!

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