Week 13

30th March – 5th April

Week 3 Question :
Your views on drugs and alcohol?

Personal choice. I drink but I don’t take any drugs, if someone started to tell me what I can and can’t do based on their “views” I’d be pissed. I also feel a bit hypocritical to tell people what they can and can’t do when I don’t know anything about their lives or why they take or do the things they take or do in the first place.

I just hope people don’t use them to destroy themselves that is all.

MONDAY 30th March

Woke up : 9:30am

I honestly can’t really remember much of Monday. I don’t know why I didn’t write about what I did on the day but I just felt like I had no motivation to even turn on my laptop. I think I did come online and I ended up playing Broken Sword for most of the day but other then that I can’t think of what it is that I did.

It isn’t a good start seeing that I’m working most of the rest of the week and most of next week but that is the way things are.

By the end of the night my friend Pete had convinced me to buy the WWE Network and to download it onto my PS4. I then went to bed way too late because I spent the rest of the evening watching really old Royal Rumble matches (which is probably why Pete told me to download it.)

Actually no something else important happened. House of Fools ended which is a shame, I hope it gets a third season because even though it is ridiculous at times with its stupidness its one of the most light hearted things I watch. Man it makes me laugh so much that it hurts before I go to bed. Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are completely brilliant.

TUESDAY 31st March

Woke up : 10am

I was surprised how early I got up seeing that I went to bed at a stupidly late hour but getting up I did.

It was a day of thinking up plans and trying to get them done to the best of my ability all the while having a dreadful headache and injuring my leg.

I did a few bits that I could do online before my head started to hurt then went to the sofa and lay about the rest of the day.

This is neither good for my health or my mental health. I felt terrible all day because I was letting my injured leg get to me. I felt so empty, really honestly empty because of it. I tried to cheer myself up by watching things that make me smile but it didn’t stop me from remembering that I have the rest of the week to go and all of that is at work pretty much.

I don’t know what I’ve done to my leg but it was in a lot of pain. I’m pretty weak to begin with so injuries isn’t really helpful.


Woke up : 11:20am

It was really strange at work. We were dead for most of the day but there were a few moments where suddenly it all picked up and we were suddenly really busy.

The main problem today was our drivers broke down and we had to rebook everyone. This was a bigger problem then usual because most of these people had been rebooked in LAST time the drivers broke down. I love our drivers to pieces, always have gotten on well with them but the way they complain about having to go to Cornwall and the fact the van ALWAYS breaks down when going to Looe makes me wonder if they do it on purpose at times.

I don’t really like thinking like that but its also very easy to get angry in general when you spend the whole day having angry people take it out on you like its your fault a van broke down. I’m not a engineer so even if I was a driver it isn’t like I could do anything to help.

It put me completely in the wrong frame of mind. I don’t mind it when people are upset but when they just don’t listen and they take out the news on me like I’ve done this on purpose and when they are just horrible its hard. Then the rest of the day I’m miserable.

A really good start to the work week.

THURSDAY 2nd March

Woke up : 7:30am

My bus was late which started the day off perfectly. The drivers were still not in but thankfully I didn’t have to do the phoning up to cancel this time out.

The day kind of just went by, I don’t think I really remember much. I can’t even remember if it felt like it went on forever or if it wasn’t too bad.

It was a tale of two halves though, the first half everyone was stressed and upset and the second half everyone started to chill.

I’m having big problems at work at the moment though with a member of staff that I like but who is driving me insane. I have to work both bank holidays with him and he’s making it out like its a travesty that he has to work them both but its OK for me to work them both because I’m part time staff. Truth of the matter is so is he! He’s part time too, in fact because I’m “useless” and can’t do anything right he got the job I was in the running for last year. He’s only full time at the moment because our other warehouse assistant is currently elsewhere and our manager is doing her best to keep him out of the shop because she doesn’t like him and keep the one in store now that is doing my head in full time.

There is no sour grapes about him getting the job, I’m a little suspicious about how it all went down but I have really good reasons to be a little suspicious and upset about it all (a very long story I probably shouldn’t go on too much about if I’m honest!) but its kind of annoying that he thinks its alright to go on and on and on to me about how he’s got these hours and he’ll be a little upset if he loses the extra hours and how obviously our manager likes him so much because she gives him all these hours when he knows for a fact I’m struggling like hell to live on my normal hours and that I have to pray that there are manager meetings and holidays every damn month so that I can get a extra day or two of over time. I don’t want to hear his problems when he has no concern for mine.

Case in point they made this really boy-ish plan up that they’d kill our manager and the other warehouse assistant and then our assistant manager would be manager, the warehouse manager would become assistant manager, the warehouse guy would be warehouse supervisor and they’d employ another volunteer to have the two warehouse jobs worth of hours. Of course this was the greatest plan in the world until I pointed out what would be in it for me? Being overlooked once more for another guy?

Because at times it really does feel like I get overlooked sometimes because I’m not “one of the boys”. Our manager isn’t either but for a while now its like the girls can’t do anything right but the boys, man they get away with freakin’ murder! Honestly our warehouse assistant doesn’t bother with a rota he just turns up when he thinks he’s in or doesn’t show up when he doesn’t think he’s in and he’s never had a discussion with the manager, if I came in when I wanted with no care for the rota I’d have been fired by now. He’s come in countless times either hungover so badly that he just doesn’t do anything, or at times he hasn’t even made it home he’s just rolled into work from a night out! Once or twice its been so bad he’s basically STILL been drunk. Still not a single discussion form. He’s always doing things wrong in the warehouse and he uses the “I haven’t been taught how to do this” excuse ALL THE TIME even after he’s used the same excuse for the same thing a million times before.

AND IF I HEAR HIM SAY IT ISN’T HIS JOB TO DO SOMETHING ONCE MORE I WILL KILL HIM! We don’t really have a set job description as its a charity its very vague where the lines of difference are for paid staff. As shop floor I work on the shop floor BUT I need to cover warehouse if we’re short staffed because its a charity and that’s what happens. I’ve done everything from all forms of admin paper work to lifting and shifting, booking in as well as my usual shop floor stuff and yet with him you ask him to do one thing and he’ll go “well this time I will but it isn’t really my job to do so” and it drives me insane.

I’m not a naturally angry person but for the first time since school when I had a lot of anger problems I actually really feel like screaming at him.

FRIDAY 3rd March

Woke up : 8am

The only good thing about working the bank holidays is I don’t have to get up so early. Mainly because the bus service doesn’t start until 10am anyway so I can’t catch a bus until 10.

Today proved just how stupid that is. We had gone about one bus stop after I had gotten on and a lady in a electric wheelchair wanted to get on. Problem was there was already a wheelchair and the pram bays are too dangerous for wheelchairs to be in. We wasted about 10 minutes waiting for the driver to understand that the buses come once every two hours before he phoned the office up to find out what to do. They then took 10 minutes in which the other lady already on the bus asked for help to sit in a normal chair so her wheel chair could be folded down and the other chair come on. The lady was brave because she obviously couldn’t move very much and had to be held by her husband whilst sat in the normal chair but she still did it.

There wasn’t really any other solution to the problem but I feel the bus driver was a moron for letting it go on for so long.

Work was actually quite busy which was good, there were moments where nothing was happening but they were few and far between. Thankfully we ended up doing quite a bit and having a productive day.

The warehouse guy from the above post was a dick most of the day. I said he could go 30 minutes early because he was doing the banking (he literally lives around the back of the shop so I’m not sure why I was being so nice!) but then said he’d have the 30 minutes on Monday as we only have one night safe box and we have three days to use them so the money was staying in the safe. It seemed because of that he let me deal with a customer that was getting very nasty with me on my own even though he was literally right behind me on the computer. I didn’t really care other then the fact that we are all really close in the store and whenever we have a difficult customer we tend to all band together to show support but he just left me. According to him the guy was a crack head as well and he didn’t get involved because he was violent which nearly made me punch the warehouse guy! I mean leaving me with him when he knows he’s violent?

Another day done though. The week feels a bit weird now because of the bank holidays.

SATURDAY 4th March

Woke up : 7am

The day dragged so badly.

We had one busy spell for about a hour and a half during the lunch breaks and that was it. It was so dead that I got to go home a little early. Not much and I probably ended up on the same bus I would have gotten anyway but it was nice to leave.

The thing is when it is so boring and there is really nothing else for you to do because you’ve done it all the previous three days when there has been nothing to do it drains you of all your energy.

When  was at work I was tired and thought I’d get home and want to go sleep.

I left and the sun was shining and it felt like a spring day and I was suddenly wide awake and time flew by! Waiting like 10 minutes for the bus felt like 10 seconds, waiting for the bus to leave felt like a heartbeat.

It really did feel like the first day of Spring but the most annoying thing is that other then tomorrow I’m working the rest of the bank holiday weekend and a whole load of next week and I can see the next time I have off me not having the motivation to do anything with the good weather.

Good news is that I’ll get to see my niece next week. We haven’t seen her since my sister pulled the dog stunt on us the other week, it wasn’t that long ago but it feels like forever. My cousin went to see them on Wednesday and take up the Easter Eggs and since then my sister has been texting my mum like normal and then told my mum that she’ll bring Christy down on Friday for us to have her over the weekend like we usually do. Which is great because it means that I can hold a mini birthday party for her on Sunday as its her 6th birthday on Monday.

SUNDAY 5th March 

Woke up : 9am

No one had any energy at all. I played a game on PS4, I then brought two games that I’ve wanted for a while on the PS4 instead of Steam and went and brought another six games on Steam in the end. I watched a few old Raws and Smackdowns from December on WWE Network and took the dog out for a few walks.

I feel drained but emotionally I feel a little more positive. I don’t see my manager until Saturday and I’m sticking up for myself a bit more. I’ve talked to head office who told me if I work bank holidays even on a 14 hour contract I get time off in Lieu so I’ve asked for them the week before my holiday (its only 10 hours so I was thinking that would be one whole day and then three hours on another day so instead of having two days where I only work two hours I’d have one day where I work four hours which makes much more sense!) I’ve also said I can’t work a Sunday because I’m going to a wrestling show (which is true, the second I found out James Storm is coming to Plymouth I earmarked the day off but because it was a Sunday never bothered to tell my manager because I don’t work them, turns out someone is on holiday so I need to do it but again we’ve got someone else working a six hour day and a seven hour day so he could always work 5.5 hours on the Sunday then 7.5 the other day!) and I’ve also made the request for my last week of holiday to buck my one week off in November to two weeks off (I did ask for the last week of July and the week after off but because my forms and the other sales assistants forms went together and even though mine was given to the manager first she gave the other sales assistant one of the weeks off and said I couldn’t have it. I found that a bit mean seeing she KNEW I’d asked first and it was on the desk so the other sales assistant would have KNOWN I’d asked for it but meh!)

Even though I didn’t do much today I just feel better about things. Its nice to end the week feeling better even if there are some small tears over the fact I’m working the next two days and I don’t look forward to hearing what my manager has to say about my days off in lieu and holiday request. I will kick up a fuss if she tells me that I have to use a day off in lieu if I don’t want to work the Sunday because that is really unfair, I’ve offered to swap it or else I’m just not working it! Thing is I work 14 hours and I’m working more then 14 hours that week and as long as I work 14 hours I don’t have to do a second more therefore she can’t say I have to take those hours off in lieu! I know what she’s like though, she’s crafty! She’s used her random holiday days and her days off so that she’s had the whole of Easter off and she always makes it so that her holidays start earlier then they should. Managers are meant to work every Monday and Saturday and she’s hardly worked a Saturday all year so far! I don’t mind but it takes the piss when I’m meant to be flexible to her needs but she doesn’t bend the one or two times I ask for something in return. It isn’t hard!


TV Show of the week :
Inside No.9 once more. Amanda’s review says it all really. It was such a well scripted piece of drama and the twist at the end was just fantastic. The acting was superb and no other TV show will live up to just how amazing it was.

Song of the week :
Danger! High Voltage – Electric Six. No real reason I’ve just been listening to it a lot recently. I think it shows a positive change in my mood seeing that I’m more into really upbeat happy songs right now.

Random thought of the week :
Why is there never enough time in the day to do anything? Even when I’m not at work I don’t find there is half enough time to get things done.

Right now that is being hit home hard with Family Guy. The amount of times I’ve struggled with a event because life gets in the way is getting stupid now. Its the same with just about everything. Anime for example, how hard is it to watch a 25 minute anime? Well really difficult! I get home need to eat, or else I’ll be waiting for it to upload then forget about it… Its just difficult. I’m here writing this now and STILL haven’t watched Yurikuma! Its the last bloody episode and I’ve not watched it yet! I watched Bates Motel and haven’t done anything about a review! I’m useless. Totally useless.

How do you fit everything in though? I just don’t understand how to do it. I’m failing in that respect! Really failing.


But that is it for another exciting week in my life! Disclaimer (probably should be higher up) no one really wants to kill anyone at work and I’m not going to kill the warehouse guy… I think he’s unkillable anyway.

I’ll once more be back next week to excite you all with my wonderful life. Till then I hope you all have a good week.

Don’t forget to talk to me in the comments and keep smiling!

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