Amanda’s MCU

I’ll kick off the first in the MCU weekends with a blog all about my favourite films, characters and a little of why I love the universe in general.

I’d also love to hear your rankings and how you feel about the characters and events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So pop by the comments and let me know!

I’m not a big comic book fan, mainly because I don’t think I’ve ever picked up a comic in my life! That doesn’t mean I don’t like comic book movies. I’ve always loved Superheroes and the assorted villains that follow them. I’ve been surprised once or twice when I’ve watched a movie and enjoyed it to find out it was a comic book series to begin with!

Obviously my love for Marvel films started with the X-Men movies when I was a teenager. Along with the Lord of the Ring films you couldn’t move for people wanting to talk about what’ll happen next with the X-Men. Of course that was before the MCU became a thing and Fantastic Four, Spiderman and a few others followed before the MCU started.

Looking back I don’t think I was really into the MCU hype until Thor. And even then I only kind of looked online and found out that everything was slowly being pieced together and would join to make one (which was the Avengers film) but that didn’t make me enamored with Iron Man or the Hulk movie.

For me I like the less dramatic films. I love Thor and Captain America for taking the bright and colourful characters and bringing them to life without having to make them “realistic” or “broody”. I know that Tony Stark is also quite a positive guy and actually in the Avengers and Iron Man 3 was actually extremely fun, but the first two movies does nothing for me.

The Avengers was so-so in my opinion and last year we got a taste of what a real team up in the MCU could be like with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie which was one of the best they’ve ever made.

So my rankings for the MCU movies?

1 : Guardians of the Galaxy
2 : Thor // Captain America : The First Avenger
3 : Captain America : The Winter Soldier
4 : Avengers Assemble
5 : Thor : The Dark World
6 : Iron Man 3
7 : Iron Man // Iron Man 2
8 : The Incredible Hulk

Guardians of the Galaxy easily took the top spot. I mean it took the Avengers a few movies to introduce each character and give them a purpose. In one movie the Guardians of the Galaxy did the same with a whole cast of more eccentric and over the top characters, and lets face it a movie that can make hundreds of thousands if not millions of people fall in love with a walking tree that can only say “I am Groot” has to be given its dues.

Down the bottom is The Incredible Hulk, the one with Edward Norton in it. Man did I hate that movie! Not as much as I hated the one with Eric Bana but still. I’m so happy they went with Mark Ruffalo for the Avengers.

I am no fan of the Iron Man franchise no matter how much I love Robert Downey Jr’s role in them.

So lets go on to talk about characters.

Personally I think my favourite actor/character in the whole of the MCU right now is probably Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. Even without his own movie and sharing his screen time with his big green brutish other half there was just something that made me fall in love with him in the Avengers. The kindness he put into Bruce and the way he made you feel like that Hulk is also human in his own way was touching.

I like Tom Hiddleston but I’m over him as Loki, I was never really on that bandwagon to begin with and I feel like the whole of the Thor cast was perfectly chosen in the first movie, in the second it became hard to tell if anyone was taking it that seriously.

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers as well as Chris Hemsworth as Thor are the two most perfect casting choices I’ve ever seen.

Favourite is still Bruce though!

I don’t really watch the TV shows and I don’t plan on watching any of them really. I like the movies and that’s enough for me.

I’m not as excited as the others to see Avengers : Age of Ultron, I think the next MCU film I’m looking forward to is probably Captain America : Civil War. I’m NOT looking forward to Doctor Strange as I feel they could have chosen anyone in the world other then Benedict Cumberbatch and I would have been happy (sorry but he’s just EVERYWHERE now and recently he’s been playing very similar characters and its getting boring. I like Benedict as much as the next person but I don’t want him in EVERYTHING EVER MADE!)

After Avengers is Ant-Man which I have no feelings for at all, then again I said the same about Guardians of the Galaxy!

Tomorrow I will be writing my piece on how I think the MCU has always cast the perfect person to play the perfect role. See you then!

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