Iron Man (2008)

In 2008 Marvel kicked off phase one of the Marvel cinematic universe with Iron Man. Directed by Jon Favreau and one of the blockbusters in Robert Downey Jrs comeback career the MCU blasted onto the big screens across the world bringing the Marvel world to life.

It was the start of what is now a runaway train of Marvel movies and TV shows and introduced the biggest personality in the Marvel universe, the charismatic Mr Tony Stark.

For me unlike most of the MCU I enjoy the Iron Man series because it is much more action packed. Tony isn’t super strong, he isn’t a god, he isn’t a trained fighter or a military man. He isn’t even really a good man. Tony Stark is a genius who created something because he had to, who plays up to his image of a playboy and even though he does good things isn’t the most trustworthy person in the world.

He isn’t a every day person but he isn’t a super person either. He’s flawed, he’s normal but he still goes out to save the world in his own way.

Like all Marvel origin stories and as Anna pointed out in the Captain America review the story is in three parts. You start off with Tony Stark, you move onto how he became Iron Man then you enter a threat and how he defeated it.

Unlike Captain America it is much more realistic, not in the dialogue or technical aspects but it doesn’t rely on too much fantasy science and miracle potions to create Tony Stark. We have a genius who uses his skills to make something not all that different from something that one day could be a real thing. He lives in a world of politics and business men so unlike Captain America where the film follows someone doing what’s right here we follow someone who is always under the camera doing whatever it is he has to do.

The film works because of the personalities brought to it.

Robert Downey Jr is the perfect Tony Stark and sometimes you feel like you are actually watching Robert Downey Jr being himself and not the character. He is quick witted but someone you can feel for regardless of how cocky he gets. Jeff Bridges plays a great bad guy as Obadiah Stane working in the back ground for the majority of the film and only really coming into play at the end. Then you have Gwyenth Paltrow who plays the ever patient Pepper Potts, possibly the real reason why you are so willing to like and relate to Tony.

The whole story drags you from gritty terrorist caves to the high life of a playboy to the scientific back drop of Stark industries whilst introducing you to the first Avenger, film wise, SHIELD Agent Coulson and the whole backdrop of the MCU.

The film is a proper blockbuster with action filled fight scenes, big explosions and a interesting plot.

There is a reason the MCU has survived as long as it has and one of those big reasons is Iron Man.

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