Malaysian F1 Grand Prix 2015

After an impressive start for Mercedesย  in what turned out to be a snore inducing Australian GP the F1 circus rolls around to Malaysia.

One of the great things about Malaysia at times is that you can’t predict it. One year will be a great GP, another will be boring. One year we’ll racing under typhoon conditions the next it’ll just be hot and clear.

1st Sebastian Vettel
2nd Lewis Hamilton
3rd Nico Rosberg

There is no surprise that the Mercedes are on the podium but behind a Ferrari?

I’m not as shocked as some at this, the Ferrari was always a half decent car and even Alonso was saying that the car was going to be strong this year. Ferrari have always been there or there about and with all the changes it doesn’t surprise me that they were going to get a win before long.

Not only that but the Ferrari team kept a strong head and showed a steady hand the whole race whereas I feel the two Mercedes pitting when the safety car came out in lap 5 was silly and being on a three stop race meant that any advantage they might have had disappeared with a extra stop regardless of the safety car conditions.

What it did do was once again show how Hamilton, a bit like Raikkonen, needs to be left to it when he’s under pressure, there was a brilliant radio transmission at the end where he tells his team not to radio him in corners because he nearly ran off, sure that wouldn’t happen if he was in front.

Happy to see Mercedes have a fight on their hand.

4th Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi had a terrible start getting a puncture just after he passed the pit lane and having to go a whole lap with it. It is proof that the Ferrari’s are the next best team in F1 that he was able to then make his way back to fourth place. I would love to see Kimi up on the podium more this year and really would like to see him in the championship hunt.

5th Valtteri Bottas
6th Felipe Massa

I have to say I was surprised to see Bottas above Massa, I always am! I’m no big fan of Bottas, but their final lap fight was quite fantastic and it was nice to see team mates in such close quarters but fighting so fairly. Was impressed with Bottas but I still don’t like him much.

7th Max Verstappen
8th Carlos Sainz Jr.
9th Daniil Kvyat
10th Daniel Ricciardo

Who would have thought both Toro Rosso’s would be in front of both Red Bulls? Or that Daniel Ricciardo would be last of all of them?!

It was a good showing for both teams and a great result for Verstappen.

One thing I didn’t really like that much was when Verstappen made a mistake going into the pit lane and we had to see it on the highlights. I didn’t see the race live so was watching the highlights and was a bit surprised that they’d bother. It isn’t that strange that people make mistakes going into the pit lane, it happens quite often, and I felt it was added purely to show him making the mistake and having DC babble on about how he’s a rookie. I kind of feel a little protective of him because so many people still go on about how he is too young and regardless of how he performs things like that will just play to their laughing at him. I like Max though and wish him the best.

11th Romain Grosjean
12th Felipe Nasr
13th Sergio Perez
14th Nico Hulkenberg

These four drivers are actually very good and had some great moments in the race. I really like them and its a shame that they couldn’t all get points. Romain Grosjean is great to watch when he’s racing and he’s come on such a huge amount from a few years back where everyone wanted him out of F1. He’s such a lovely guy.

Shame that Nasr didn’t have a good race, he looked really up for a fight last race but this time he was quite quiet. I’m kind of hoping that he’ll get fighty for the rest of the season I’d love to see him up and about the top 10. I can easily see him being a shock winner given a chance in that Sauber.

15th Roberto Merhi

Well it was nice to see Manor out there and lets just hope that they actually improve unlike Caterham and Marussia. I really hope to see them start to improve.


Pastor Maldonado

Well. Yeah.

Jenson Button
Fernando Alonso

It was really sad that they didn’t get to finish the race. They looked a lot better then they did in Melbourne and have such a long road ahead of them but I feel like them two finishing races will be the only way forward. I really want to see them getting better and I think in the long run we could be seeing a really competitive car. God knows how long that’ll take but I really want them to be competitive. Its so hard seeing both of them where they are, specially Jenson.

Marcus Ericsson

I feel like he could have done so much better and there he was two laps in spinning off. Such a shame. I’m hoping better from him and Nasr. I want Sauber to be in the running every race.

Will Stevens

Didn’t run but once again at least Manor are here. Hoping he gets some run time at some point.

The Race

The race was really interesting, there was always something to watch. Even with highlights there wasn’t much that could be seen as entertaining in the Australian Grand Prix but in Malaysia I felt like they were struggling to find enough time for it all.

It really put my mind at rest seeing 19 cars start and the race was close all the time. It was brilliant seeing so much action and what looked like a healthy grid.

There are still plenty of races that I think we could get some brilliant racing at and loads of shock race wins I think we could have.

Malaysia was a great race full of action. I’m upset that McLaren didn’t at least finish the race but I’m happy that they looked much better in race trim then they do in qualifying.

I’m not half as surprised as others that the Ferrari won, I think its silly to ever count the Ferrari’s out. They’ve been strong for a while now they just had a bad losing streak, that doesn’t happen because the drivers are terrible but the motivation can lack, the energy can be sapped and you are racing two drivers who just feel unenergized.

It was a great race though!



So I’m really happy with that and can’t wait for the next race. China on the 12th April!

If I’m honest with you I can never remember much about Chinese GPs so I can’t really say anything about how I feel going there. Its strange to say that but I can’t think of any Chinese GP off the top of my head.

The big question will be how will Mercedes come back after making strategy errors this race? Can Ferrari keep the momentum going? And can any other team catch up too?!

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