Captain America The First Avenger (2011)

We start the Marvel week off with the event that happened furthest back. The birth of Captain America.

The film was released back in 2011 and introduced us to Steve Rogers, Agent Peggy Carter, Red Skull and Hydra as well as Tony Starks father Howard Stark.

The film spawned the TV show earlier this year Agent Carter which followed Peggy’s life after the war.

I’m also happy to be reviewing it as it is one of my top 10 favourite films of all time.

Let me get started by saying that I was never a fan of Captain America comic books, Steve Rogers is boring as far as I’m concerned. I also didn’t like the casting choice of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers mainly because at the time I’d only really ever seen him in Fantastic Four and possibly Scott Pilgrim and I had disliked him in Scott Pilgrim (or honestly I just disliked Scott Pilgrim) and I loved him as Johnny and didn’t want him to be a different Marvel character.

As it turned out it was actually one of the best films I’ve ever seen in my life.

All the characters were larger then life but so real at the same time. I was immediately attached to everyone from Steve and Bucky to Carter and Philips. The cast was full of great actors including Evans, Hayley Atwill, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Toby Jones, Sebastian Stan and Dominic Cooper. They brought the characters to life without trying to modernise them. It showed a gritty and realistic(ish) war without having to do a DC and make everything drip in darkness and bloodshed. There was a very positive story to the whole thing, it oozed positiveness and showed that as long as you follow the light of truth and honesty you’ll win over.

And that is a terribly cheesey thing to be watching BUT it worked.

Kinda worked because it just went full steam ahead and embraced the whole thing. They didn’t hold back on anything. It was funny, it was sad and it was action packed. Whereas I feel Iron Man can drag from time to time Captain America was filled with so many different little moments that the time just flew past and before you knew it you had gotten to the end of the movie.

It truly was a family friendly film with tiny moments that would make everyone happy.

The story of the origins of Captain America was all about Steve. Who he was before Captain America, how he became it and what lead him to being thrust into the modern day world all took as much time as the other. There wasn’t one aspect of the story that was more important. We got to see that he was brave and single minded before he was turned into Captain America, we got to see the process of choosing him, we got to see how he turned into him (I love the scene just after he’s turned into the Steve Rogers we now have and he’s chasing down Richard Armitage character Heinz Kruger and he just loses his balance when he’s running because he hasn’t ever run that fast before and ends up falling into a window before leaving whilst apologising. Making his transformation a little more human and showing that he kept the same personality that he always had,) what he actually did before he was a super solider, the event that made him CAPTAIN America before the event that sent him crashing and turning into a popsickle.

Its a complete rollercoaster of emotions and events but even at the darkest of times there is always a sliver of light at the end of it. I think the saddest part was the goodbye to Agent Carter because you kind of knew he was going to not see her again and there just was no light at the end of that particular tunnel. The rest of the film was brimming with positiveness. As long as you stick up for yourself you can do anything and all that garbage all packaged into a Chris Evans sized poster boy for the war. Any war. I mean who wouldn’t want Chris Evans by their side in a war? Or Captain America for that point.

I always feel more happy to watch Captain America then any other story because Steve Rogers is just like a beacon of hope and even if you think the message of the film is cheesy or whatever if you really feel bad then just thinking of Steve Rogers usually cheers me up.

Also, and you’ll never get this in any other film review therefore always check mine out because they are the best, I was once asked anonymously on Tumblr who I’d want to eat if I had a chance to eat someone (and I guess WANTED to eat someone) and I decided on Steve Rogers because he was full of rainbows and light and cotton candy. Therefore automatically he is the beacon of fluffy happiness to me.

On a serious note Captain America might be a boring character who suffers from not having any faults and wanting to do “what is right” all the time but the movie DOESN’T suffer from that. The movie kind of just tells you that no matter who you are you can make the difference if you believe in yourself, yeah Captain America got super charged and you might think that is why he can do it but it was his heart ultimately that made him better then the Red Skull.

Oh and lets not forget that Hugo Weaving as Red Skull was awesome and Toby Jones as Dr Zola was great. Two really superb actors to face off against Steve Rogers/Chris Evans. There just wasn’t anything in this movie that I didn’t love!

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