Assassination Classroom : Confession Time

Chapter 133

It went from Kayano was unsaveable to trying to save her to ???

I like the character of Kayano and I loved the twist in her story but I feel kind of let down by the way it has gone.

I think the drama and emotion they built around her being a actress and her revenge was brilliant and I was sad that it had gotten to a point where we were apparently about to say goodbye to our first classmate.

It was a bit strange for it to have gone past the point of no return to there being a chance.

This week by the end of the chapter she’s up and walking around as good as new.

The one thing I’ll say that is a positive for the story is that we get a real look at how the class really makes a difference. Kayano talks about how her bloodlust and revenge started to die away as she got to know Korosensei. Its something that I think all the class are starting to feel.

That being said we learn something new about both Shiro and Korosensei.

Shiro is the scientist that is behind Korosensei (his name is Yanagisawa) and Korosensei was the original God of Death.

I know we’re getting to the end of the school year and therefore the end of the manga but the twists keep coming at the moment and it feels like it is gearing up for a grand showdown right at the end.

As it is I’ll be happy if next chapter is all about human Korosensei. I’d be extremely interested in finding out how he changed THIS much, why he’d want to and so on.

At the moment I like all the information we are getting and I don’t want to see that stop.

Korosensei just got a bit more badass.


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