Yurikuma Arashi : What We Hoped for

“Watashi-tachi no Nozomu koto wa” (私たちの望むことは)

The drama is building as we’re all in a race against time to make sense of the series, save each other and give out lots and lots of promised kisses.

Lets hope everyone gets their promised kisses!

Yeah that isn’t going to happen. Well we already knew that Lulu was never going to get a promised kiss but its sad that Lulu sacrificed herself. Its nice that Ginko actually admitted to knowing how Lulu felt but even better that we now have the full story. I’m no longer confused about anything other then the lack of adults and why, even in bear attacks, they’d let their kids basically shoot at anyone on the smallest of reasons. Lets face it if they shot Kureha because they didn’t like her they’d just say she’s a bear and get away with it? The lack of adults worries me in general as does the lack of males to produce children. It isn’t even like fathers are mentioned, in fact the way Kureha’s birth was described made it really feel like she just popped out of the ground or her mother was the virgin Mary or some such.

We’ll start with my favourite part of the episode. The part where we finally get the final parts of the puzzle.

So we know that Ginko was in a war and left for dead. We know that Kureha saved her. We now know that Ginko also saved Kureha. They were friends and even as a young child Kureha was excluded for being friends with a bear. Ginko then went to the Yuri trial to ask them to let her be a human girl and help protect Kureha but the only way the sadistic bastards would agree would be if Ginko let them erase her love from Kureha. Life Beauty got it right when he said it was like the Little Mermaid. Ginko then became disgraced and excluded herself waiting for the day to be sent back over the wall to be with Kureha but before that she obviously met with Lulu who unconditionally followed Ginko wherever she went.

As the Life judges had said when she came back (well she’d already gone back as a kid) Kureha didn’t remember her and that is that. We’ve come full circle.

Other then the lack of adults (male adults especially) everything makes sense. I mean honestly no adults at all in this world saw what happened at the fountain and thought “hmmm those kids are being dicks to one little girl? I’ll show them what exclusion means”? No they were allowed, from a very young age, to be gits to one another. No wonder they don’t like bears they can hardly get on with each other!

The episode was sad because I love Lulu and I wanted something nice to happen to Lulu they could have ended the episode (unless she isn’t dead) with her spirit going to be with her little brothers and finally getting his promised kiss but no. We ended with the confusing trial bit again with Kureha. I’m guessing next week is possibly the last episode? I’m going to have to do a lot to understand in a week how I feel about the anime. I love it a lot, I really love it a lot, but at the same time just like Penguindrum I’ve spent a good deal of my time watching this scratching my head wondering what the hell I’ve gotten myself into!

As it is I don’t really want Ginko to get a promised kiss now. I kind of just want something happy to happen to Lulu even if its in the afterlife. Poor, dear, sweet little Lulu!

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