Assassination Classroom : LR Time

“Eru Āru no Jikan” (LRの時間)

With a extra student joining just after we had come back from a school trip surely it is time for some quiet time for the students in Class 3-E?

Yes. That is exactly what it is for them.

To fill the gap is Bitch-Sensei and Karasuma.

I like calling Irina Bitch-Sensei so I will continue to do so regardless of whether or not people like it by the way. I feel like it was given to her with some love and I love when the students call her it.

Anyway her boss comes to the school and tries to take her out of it. Lovro is a retired assassin and he doesn’t think Bitch-Sensei can assassinate Korosensei. Thing is he’s right, her forte is killing people before they realise she’s a assassin, well now everyone knows who she is and she isn’t combat ready, she isn’t that fast and she isn’t that strong. Her biggest strength TO THE ASSASSIN attempt that Lovro loaned her out for is gone. She didn’t get the job done.

But to the classroom she has a extremely big part to play and Korosensei tries to show that by having her assassinate Karasuma.

Not actually assassinate him and to be honest she doesn’t even do it, she does surprise him but he could have over powered her he just got fed up and let her win.

It was nice to be reminded of how young she is though because the students think she’s quite old but she’s only 20 and that shows in the way she acts, she isn’t really that  mature and you can see that she might be a great assassin but she doesn’t really know how to live with people. Its nice to see her get passionate for a change

It was also scary to see Karasuma at his kind of best.

The second half of the episode seemed designed to promote the idea that Korosensei is craving being popular (he takes students to Hawaii with him even though he probably shouldn’t), that he would never hurt them (he did everything to stop them being hurt when he was flying) and that regardless of what they are being taught Bitch-Sensei is teaching these kids (they are able to watch a great deal of the movie I guess which was in English with no subtitles.)

The episode ended with setting up for the future.

The second transfer student is on their way.

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