Assassination Classroom : Time for the killing blow

Chapter 132

The last chapter was sad. It was all I kept saying about it. There was a overwhelmingly sad feeling to the whole thing. We move on sadly to see what happens next.

And just when we think its all over actually there is a way to save her.

I had a feeling there would be but at the same time Itona was making it quite explicit that there was no going back. That she’d done enough to ruin her life and she’d be dead within minutes.

Of course there was really obviously the way they saved Itona.

To do that though they all have to work as a team, or kind of. They have to come up with something to distract her, they don’t get that far though as the only person that can think of anything to do, and I saw it a mile off, was Nagisa who ended up kissing her.

The tentacles will be removed and hopefully next chapter we’ll get a explanation of what Korosensei actually is, why Kayano’s sister was in the research centre with him and how she died and he went and blew up the moon.

This whole excersice I believe is just strengthening the bond the students have with Korosensei and I find it hard to believe any of them will truly want to see him die at the end of their time together. It isn’t even like they’d be able to have classes with him if he survived as they’d be going onto the next stage of their education, but it just feels like it’ll be wrong somehow for them to kill him, but it would be even worse if someone else killed him.

I don’t think I want Korosensei to die if I’m honest. THAT is what I’m trying to say. I don’t want anyone to kill him. I WANT to know his story and I really need to understand him because I’d feel empty if I didn’t.

ItΒ  was a really good chapter, weeks later and I’m still not over the revelation and they’ve handled the whole thing brilliantly. Best revelation ever.

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