Gaming Babble : Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix Part 8


If you don’t know much about Square Enix games, if you haven’t been keeping up to date with my Gaming Babble blogs so far, then maybe you don’t understand the pain.

If so. Lets do this!

Every bloody end of game boss fight I’ve ever had in the SE universe is always like three fights long and seems to have to be bigger and badder then the one before.

Well after the fight from the last blog which was pretty easy you get a false ending. You think we’re all about to walk through a door and go home, but Riku and Sora are slow pokes and its a good thing too because Xemnas hasn’t been defeated!

No first off we get a giant Dragon that looks like he’s been made out of the world itself. Its easy to fight as you just have to shoot lasers at it.

The Dragon then crashes and it turns out that there is some dude sat on its head on a throne. This bad ass dude doesn’t even stand up to fight you, you have to go to him and whack him as much as possibly dodging his very slow attacks. He’ll throw you in front of the Dragon once or twice and you need to basically land on the not moving buildings and fling them forward to break the shield. Again another really easy fight, if a little time consuming.

The final fight is against another Xemnas. This time he’s wearing some funny white and black cloak and you have to fight with both Sora and Riku. The fight is easy once you realise that you ARE fighting with them both and unlike when you are with Goofy and Donald and they run out of HP and get knocked out if Riku runs out of HP that is it for the two of you.

I learnt this after nearly defeating him, when you get him down to one health bar he suddenly starts shooting a load of lasers at you. YOU MUST TAP BOTH X and TRIANGLE TO DEFEAT HIM! You at that moment control both Riku and Sora. After you get through this bit (I didn’t at first but had nearly full life on Sora so realised that I had to control Riku and keep him alive) you just have to hit Xemnas once more and its all over for him.

The ending scene is extremely long and if you carry on watching through the end credits not only do you get MORE of a ending you get a look at Birth by Sleep too.

And that is it. KH2.5 complete!

My full review will be next week and the week after we’ll be starting to look at Birth by Sleep. I was then after BBS going to play FFVIII but think I’ll do a click and point instead and give the JRPGs a rest for a while.

It is over though! The game has been completed!

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