Yurikuma Arashi : The Door to Friendship

“Tomodachi no Tobira” (ともだちの扉)

The truth was outed last week and finally we got to see everyone for who they are.

We get the end, finally, of the Moon Girl and Forest Girl story. Basically they proved their love. Soppy ending but we also know that Reia believed that one day bears and humans would be able to live together and love each other and that is why she gave Ginko her pendant.

Lulu is the key to all knowledge and she finally explains all the crazy to us. Telling everything she knows to Kureha means she loses her Yuri approval and gets turned back into a bear (well its a good thing everyone already basically knows she’s a bear and is out to kill them both) and Kureha sends her back to the bear world through the “door of friendship” which is basically the random door in the lily garden that I’ve been wondering about most of the season.

Its a rather action packed episode as far as this series is concerned with the Invisible Storm out in force to take down both Lulu and Kureha and a lot of information being filtered through. I think it does a good job of giving us the last few pieces of the puzzle. I found out that this anime is done by the same people (or person… Whatever) that did Penguindrum and as that is one of my favourite animes even though I’ve never gotten to the end of it it doesn’t surprise me that I love this one so much, but because its by the same person (people… Whatever) I’m waiting for yet another confusing twist in the tale.

Well it didn’t come this week if there is going to be one.

The only twist it came up with was that suddenly Kureha is brought before the Yuri trial but with her saving Lulu and befriending Ginko as a kid and the fact that she’s so entwined with the lives of so many bears and the deaths of so many of them in recent times I guess its only so long before the three Life Bears want to speak to her.

Of course we also have to wait and see what happened to Ginko which could be interesting.

It was a good episode but I feel even though the episode was very dramatic and fast paced it went back a step this week. It needed it a little bit but I felt like I didn’t have enough to watch. It kind of just… Finished and I was sure that it wasn’t that long.

Which I guess is a good thing, good things fly by as we all know unfortunately! And this sure did fly by.

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