Fairy Tail : Avatar

Chapter 424

I have been saying that I’ll be starting the Fairy Tail reviews but haven’t got around to it till now. Here I am ready for a new adventure!

I’m not going to bother going over what’s happened other then to point out that Natsu is on a mission to bring back Fairy Tail. He’s teamed up with Lucy (who else!) and found Carla and Wendy first.

This chapter we find Juvia who has gone back to being constantly surrounded by rain after Gray, who has been living and training with her the last two years, disappeared.

It turns out Gray has joined a new group taking over the Balam Alliance and the Dark Guilds. They are called the Avatars. Gray left Juvia after some dark mark appeared on his body.

I like that Gray and Juvia stayed together when the Guild split, I like Juvia and Gray though I do wish that at some point Juvia’s happiness and life won’t revolve around Gray, especially because never has Gray really noticed or cared that he can cause her great harm just by being cold towards her. Seeing that in fact Juvia if anything has gone backwards from where she was, raining on herself instead of striving to be happy, is very sad especially because it makes it seem like the only time Juvia feels she has any worth is around Gray.

I like them both but I really actually wish they hadn’t stayed together and Juvia had gone off on her own to find her own strength and her own worth away from her worshiping of Gray and they’d found her stronger then ever.

Unfortunately they haven’t.

Seeing that Sabertooth is close by I’m guessing after getting the dark mark whatever it is on his body Gray has gone undercover or something? I don’t believe that he’d just turn his back on everyone after everything that happened. Unless he’s been possessed by something I don’t see him being in Avatar because he really wants to help Zeref. I mean I guess that is actually probably, yeah I don’t know why I said it because its obvious that is what is going on!

If I’m honest I’m more excited at the prospect of him maybe being evil, I think it would be cool if he did turn evil for whatever reason but yeah…. I am so extremely happy to see the return of Sabertooth!

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