Gaming Babble : Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix Part 7

Or The end of the road….


This blog is going to be extremely long as I really wanted to get it over and done with so we’ve got a few different areas and the final area all in one here.

Actually it won’t be that long because revisiting the lands are just glorified reasons to go back and fight big bosses. So it won’t be that long!

And here we go!


Landing to find Jack dressed as Santa isn’t the best of news. As it is the professors experiment has gone stealing presents from Santa, no one believes that it isn’t Jack’s doing which is quite sad!

I love having to box up Lock, Shock and Barrel it was one of the best mini-games in the whole game. A really unique way of fighting them, make sure that you beat them up a little beforehand else they escape from their boxes.

When we get back to Halloween Town to figure out what is going on there is a Halloween Jack-in-the-box. I can’t remember if it was there beforehand but its one of the coolest Heartless I’ve ever seen, I do like the Christmas town version too but the Halloween one was even better.

The experiment is cool, I love the design of it. It looks quite difficult but with a lot of the KH2.5 bosses its actually really simple. I’m not even going to tell you how to defeat it because it basically is just whacking away at it till it dies.

The thing I love about the Halloween Town stuff is that it always feels like Halloween Town and the characters really feel real. I love how Santa is like a life Guru or something always giving with the good advice and the fact he lets Jack have a ride on the sleigh is lovely.

Donald and Goofy giving love advice? Please stop.

Though it is funny that Sora still has the picture of Kairi from the first game in his mind. I mean I know that he doesn’t know what she looks like now but it was funny seeing a older Sora with the tiny little Kairi!


So the Pride Lands are quite cool this time out too. Its still a rather bland looking area but its being haunted by Scar.

We actually spend our time in the Pride Lands being a babysitter for the sulky king. Yes Simba is king but he’s doing a bad job of it. We have to make him want to fight the ghostly Scars.

When you have to fight the Hyena’s its quite difficult because you have to dash after them and then whack them around a bit. The hardest bit was that they kind of blended into the walls a little so I was having a hard time making them out. I love those three though and it was fun chasing after them, honestly I could have spent hours doing that and it wouldn’t have gotten old.

The thing with these revisits is that 90% of it is just running from one area to the other for cut scenes and the Pride Lands is one of the worst for it. You can’t go to another area without getting a cut scene. It isn’t so noticeable when you have a lot of game to play with it but these are shorter visits with more cut scenes then are physically needed.

The final fight doesn’t even make sense. Its some overgrown something with a person on its back. You really need to use the commands to beat it but its also extremely easy to take down. Something I’ll talk about in the end review I guess.

I felt like it was pretty pointless even returning to the Pride Lands.


Well Triton tries to kill our Duckapus by blowing up the really ugly statue of Eric that we helped drag back to Ariel’s grotto. Funny really I always thought in the film that the statue looked ugly too!

Ariel has seemingly forgotten all the shit with Ursula from the first game. This is where the game going back to do the Little Mermaid story failed a little. She signs her life away to go be with Eric.

One thing I never got is why Disney didn’t bother to show how painful it was undoubtably going to be for Ariel to have her fin cut in two to make legs? I mean in the Disney version its all magical and shit but to be quite honest it would be painful because its your body! It was worth it in the end but it would have hurt! Plus to remove her voice surely Ursula had to remove her voice box which again would have been bloody painful!

The game went even further because she would have bloody drowned where she was. So when she got to the surface she would have probably been suffering from decompression from Sora just dragging her to the surface from the sea bed and would have basically been half drowned.

But she does get her raggedy sail dress that the bird in the movies makes her and she seems to have magically acquired whilst being transformed. Good on Disney and Square Enix not to leave her bits and pieces hanging out for Sora to see!

Prince Eric was always my prince when I was a kid by the way. I thought all the others were ugly but Eric was hell of a handsome.

And thinking about Princes makes me wish that the games had explored the other Princesses more. I’d have loved a Snow White or Sleeping Beauty land.

I also don’t get why we’re so sure we can’t tell Triton about what’s happened after all we’re rooting for Ariel to kiss Eric and stay on land FOREVER so at some point he’s going to notice his favourite daughter missing!

There are a few cute bits in the video but it is mainly all cut scenes which is a shame because I would have loved to have had a few more musical scenes (why no Kiss the Girl?!) There was a slow clap moment for Sora and the others who “hid” by submerging their mouths in water still being completely visible to anyone who was looking!

Ursula’s song is awesome, I honestly love the song. It was nice having such a unique way to beat her but at the same time we kind of already beat the huge Ursula in the last game!

After Ursula we do get at least one more song which kind of says goodbye to the undersea world. It was harder then the other games because it had all the different command buttons so you had to look out and time everything right. It was fun though.

I did like the fact that Sora, Donald and Goofy made their own goodbye song up! If its one thing I always enjoy about Kingdom Hearts its the story of friendship!


Hollow Bastion and Space Paranoids kind of collide in this visit. Cid and Merlin are working on a program to bring the MCP down which leads to a few funny moments between the two.

I have to be honest and say that my friend did this level for me whilst I did something else (it was something important I had to do and I didn’t want to turn the computer off and not finish) so I can’t really say much about it.

I love Leon (SQUALL!), I love him with a burning passion, he’s a darling he truly is. I think he’s wonderful. There comes a point in every mother’s life though when they see how stupid their baby is and just wants to whack them with a newspaper. Leon (SQUALL!) When you are given a CD to defeat a computer program you don’t then go to the computer and start bashing it hoping for the best… YOU ENTER THE DAMN CD! The stupid thing is in the end it was Aerith that saved the day AND SHE’S MEANT TO BE DEAD! I KILLED HER IN THE FIRST GAMING BABBLE BLOG GODDAMMIT SHE’S MEANT TO BE DEAD!

The boss fight was pretty straightforward and after defeating the boss we learn that Hollow Bastion actually used to be called Radiant Gardens.

This is it though, we’re on to the final stretch as the next destination is….


Here was me thinking we’d come to Twilight Town because it had its door to it locked, had gone all blurry and has a huge freakin’ shadowy land right behind it that we can’t get to.

But no. Goofy lets us know we’re here because of a photo and a ice cream and we need to find a mansion.

Lets be honest, we all need Goofy in our lives!

All our friends are on the floor outside the mansion, they had come looking for Kairi mainly because wherever she went they are sure they’ll find what they are looking for. They actually worked everything out for themselves and know that there is something missing and its all connected to the mansion.

Though they do need to listen because we did say that we had a sea salt ice cream and then he asked us what flavour. Open your ears boy and you’d know!

We also “split up” when we go over to the other side (the side that Roxas come from, we can tell by the smashed up computer) by all walking through the same door.

And this is it. This is when my heart slowly starts to break.

I don’t know why I ever got so emotionally attached to Axel, I remember crying the first time I played the game so it can’t just be memories of him. Since then I’ve played the other games and fell even more in love with him but as it is even with such little time in the game Axel becomes something so important to me. I cried. A lot. My friend had to take over playing for a little bit because there were some ugly tears and a lot of shouting about the unfairness of Axel dying.

Basically what it is is we get separated from the others and have to fight a load of Nobodies and Axel helps us but he uses his whole essence in one attack and fades away. The fight is easy but the pain of losing Axel lasts a long long time.


The world that never was could have been so much cooler. It looks a bit like Traverse Town but it has no life to it. Maybe that was the point though.

They’ve added a boss fight here in 2.5 that I was not prepared for. I looked online for answers and everyone seemed to keep saying it was a easy fight but it wasn’t. I’m a smasher me, I hit hard and keep hitting but this fight against Roxas is all about timing.

It took me about 3 hours to beat him. Honestly. I found it even harder then the fight against Sephiroth in the first game. It’s really hard and you have to time everything correctly.

When we defeat him there is even more cut scenes here basically wrapping up the story strands so that you can carry on with the game without many more questions.

I mean you are left with a whole load of questions because lets face it the story has so many holes in it that it’s impossible not to have questions but it did its best.

Sometimes I forgot that this game is pretty much the same as KH1. Its the story of Sora trying to find Kairi and Riku through all sorts of problems. Of course it can’t be that easy and this time out the problem is that Riku now looks like Xehanort. He’s let his heart get taken over by the darkness and mastered it.

It becomes a bit of a free for all in the cut scenes from here on in. Saix is bragging about who knows what, Maleficent shows up with Pete to take over the castle, Kairi gets her own Keyblade… It all happens at once..

We fight Xigbar. He’s really weird because he looks creepy but has a voice that reminds me of Jeff from American Dad!

The fight with him is pretty fun actually but it also is a little cluttered and long winded. He’s possibly the one with the longest fight (other then Xemnas obviously) in the last section but he’s much easier then Roxas. In fact Roxas is possibly the hardest boss fight so far in KH that I can remember. I loved that even in defeat Xigbar left us with the lasting memory of his sass. He’s a sniper so again the commands are your friends in the battle, its one that you need to just keep going and don’t get too disheartened if it takes a while.

More cut scenes about the power of love and friendship before we enter a fight with Luxord.

Luxord was the battle I remembered being a bitch in the old game, it was simple this time out so I’m either remembering it wrong or its changed a little (or else I just had a easier time of it this time out!) He has a timed battle and again it can get a bit annoying but its over before you know it and he’s gone in a puff of black smoke too.

Now ladies and gents sit down and let me tell you something.

Through Square Enix games I have fallen randomly in love with many a character. Sephiroth, Zell, 100 versions of Cid, Vincent, Squall, Seifer… To name but a few. Axel and Saix though were something else.

I don’t know why, I don’t know how, I don’t think I’ll ever understand it myself but young me was IN LOVE with Saix. I have no reason why, in fact I don’t even think I remember him very well because I always thought he had a bit of a soft side to him, something I’ve obviously made up because he’s been a bastard all game long (and grown up me loves him even more for it!) His fight is easy, I remember it being easy, he’s just a bersker so at times it feels like he’s hitting hard (he is hitting hard that would be why!) but you just need to weather it and carry on hitting him hard.

He and Axel more then any of them just felt like they wanted their hearts back and I so want to understand them better. He gets the Shakespearian ending which I like. I love him.

With Saix finally pissing Sora off with the whole Roxas business he finally gets told about Roxas.

The later half of the game suffers from cut scenes. How many times have I said this now? The ending truly does suffer from them too!

Xemnas himself is quite cool. He fights with what looks like lightsabers. He could actually be a Jedi now though seeing that Star Wars is owned by Disney. Please Disney make Xemnas a Jedi!

The first fight is really easy but it leads, as always to a whole load more fighting….


And I’m going to end that here and next week we’ll have the beginning of the end for Xemnas.

The problem with this blog is I had nothing to really talk about! Unless you wanted minute by minute discussion on the 100 cut scenes there wasn’t much to do and all the bosses this half of the game were simple. The only on that wasn’t was Roxas and even then I only beat him after three hours by luck!

This is the biggest problem I’ve had with KH2.5, the stories don’t really work like they did in KH1 and there is too much story and not enough action at times. I know I’m only on standard mode but still! Some challenges along the way would be nice.

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