Assassination Classroom : Nemesis Time

Chapter 130

As I said last week I was planning on catching up with the manga. No matter how close to the end it is I thought I’d start reviewing the manga as soon as I caught up.

Well I caught up today so my reviews will start from now.

A quick summary of the story right now.

We just found out a chapter ago that Kayano, the quite pudding loving girl, is actually the sister of the mystery woman that we’ve seen in small flashbacks to when Korosensei got his purpose to be a teacher. Not only is Kayano her sister and see’s Korosensei as her enemy she’s also implanted tentacles into her neck on her own accord.

This chapter was all about how it came to this.

It took me completely by surprise. When Shiro was talking about someone in the class that was a monster (or whatever he said) I thought he was still talking about Nagisa. It turns out it was Kayano who is actually called Akari Yukimura.

What this is going to do is bring us to know hopefully more about Korosensei as he’s promised to tell the kids about him but only when they are all together, I feel like the events that lead to Kayano doing what she did have been seen from the wrong angle. She thinks that Korosensei was playing in her sisters blood and because her sister had wounds she couldn’t figure out and there was a message from Korosensei saying he’d be in Class 3-E she took it to mean he’s her murderer. But from the small flashbacks we’ve had before it looks like her sister Aguri was the one that gave Korosensei his purpose to become a teacher.

I doubt she’s going to defeat him, like most of the challenges so far in the manga I think Korosensei or the class will sort this out, I’m pretty sure by this time that it’ll be on Korosensei’s say that they’ll assassinate him, I just don’t see her beating him now that her cover has been blown.

It was a good sneak attack to the readers though, never in my life would I have thought that Kayano would have been anything other then Kayano. It is a good way to bring out the past of Korosensei though. I always like learning more about the students as well so learning about Kayano was interesting. As I said I never really paid much heed to her other then when she was making jokes about cakes or protesting over big boobs. She was more of a joke character.

Kayano has suddenly become much more then a joke character.

One thought on “Assassination Classroom : Nemesis Time”

  1. Kayano’s reveal was shocking and I’m happy we got to hear her story. The thing I like the most is when we learn about the students. I’m just very sad about it all too as I thought that Korosensei and Kayano shared something lovely with the pudding love.

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