Gotham : Everyone Has a Cobblepot

I have to put my hands up and say I laughed uncontrollably when I heard the title of the episode. I really thought it was going to be some stupid thing about Penguin.

Instead it was something a little different.

I said the last episode was boring but this episode was the complete opposite. It didn’t need to have anything flashy in it because it was what the series was meant to be about. Jim Gordon and how he turned Gotham around to the alright-ish place it is before Batman appears. Not that Gotham was ever a great place but he’s on the road to become commissioner.

So who better to have as a enemy in this episode then Commissioner Loeb?

And who better to partner Gordon up with then the returning Mr Harvey Dent?

Cobblepot was a important part of the episode too as so many things started to come to a head.

Loeb, we now know, has files with every cops “Cobblepot” in it. He uses Bullocks “Cobblepot” to get him to get Flass off from the charges brought on him. Gordon and Dent then play a little dirty to find the dirt on Loeb, which just so happens to be his crazy daughter he’s hiding to stop her being put into Arkham.

The episode worked because it became about something important. I never in my life would care about the gang in the last episode whereas the events in this episode directly effected more then just Gordon and Bullock but others in the story too. Gordon now owes Penguin a favor and the whole load of them are ready to move on with clean slates.

Away from the fun detective work, and I must say the better outing for Nicholas D’Agosto who finally convinced me he might yet be a great Dent, we had the ongoing story of Fish.

Which actually worked this week.

She’s been given a new eye and a new job and learnt just what lengths the Dollmaker will go to make a point. I think the worst effect in the series but still the creepiest thing we’ve seen is what Dollmaker did to his prison manager, having his bodily surgically replaced with a females. It was the strangest thing they’ve done to date but also just really interested me. He’s a great villain and he’s been bubbling away in the background most of the series now and with Fish by his side it could be all sorts of crazy.

Much more impressive and extremely enjoyable.

The thing I enjoy the most I think in the series though has been the underrated performance by Cory Michael Smith. Nygma started off as a bit of a joke, I thought they added him in more so for a laugh then to actually make a great villain out of him. But little by little you see a darker edge to him as he’s pushed aside and isolated by the people he works with. He obviously doesn’t have a life outside of his work and as Kristen unfortunately has to introduce Ed to her new boyfriend this week we see his grasp on humanity slowly wither away. I liked how her new man is at least nice to Ed, he actually asks him a riddle and doesn’t really laugh at him, it is nice to see how his jealousy now will fuel him.

The Riddler has always been a favorite villain of mine for many reasons. This guy is more then brilliant in the role and its a shame I don’t hear more about how good he is.

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