Yurikuma Arashi : Bride-in-the-Box

“Hako no Hanayome” (箱の花嫁)

Just so you know my reaction to everything this week was “OMG… OMGOMG…. OMGOMGOMG!!!! NOOOOO HOW DID?! WHAT?! I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!”

So in other words one of the best episodes of anything ever!

This is all because Yurika was revealed to be a bear, not only that but the bear that ate Reia!

I didn’t see that coming, I always thought the drawers behind her in like the pattern of the bottom of a heart was strange but I never thought she’d be a bear! Let alone be the bear that killed Reia. At the same time though the fact she had something to do with Reia’s death is probably something I should have cottoned onto.

I’ll be fair to Yurika that her story is quite sad, being put in a box and having that kind of thing going on in her life that she needs to put things in boxes. She obviously just wanted to be loved and just didn’t know what that entailed. It was sad. Now she wants to make Kureha a empty box just like her by taking away Ginko.

Ginko was great in the episode and I’m now even more interested to know what it is she did to Sumika. I thought she didn’t kill Sumika and I kind of thought her crime would be that she didn’t save Sumika but I’m guessing something else happened? I’m guessing?

I’m speechless about how much I loved the episode, it was just such a strange direction to take and personally I never thought it was going to go in that direction. It was such a understated episode too and not only that I just didn’t feel like I’d seen a whole episode it was so good.

Yurika has kind of elevated to be the most interesting character around, she even brought gasps out of the Life bears when she decided to give up being a bear. I just can’t figure out where this anime is going and that is half the reason I love it!

It really is just amazingly awesome.

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