Gaming Babble : Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Remix Part 5

Or Hakuna Your Tata’s

It has been a while since I last posted a proper Gaming Babble blog and I apologise that this one isn’t going to make up for the lack of them recently.

I’m determined to finish KH2.5 now,

Before I start I think this play through has been a bit of a eye opener for me in how I remember games to how they are. I loved KH2 more then I loved KH1. Playing them through back to back makes me wonder why but at the same time the thing I loved most about KH as a series was the story and right now I’m not sure why I loved that either.

I think trying to talk about the story as I play it kind of ruined a bit of what I thought of it when I was growing up but I’m starting to like it a little more every time.

Why this blog won’t make up for anything is that I kind of rushed a few stories without thinking about taking notes which is what I usually do therefore I’m not going to have in depth moans and rants and stories about anything much. In fact if you’ve ever found anything interesting or useful in these blogs this part wont’ be for you as I don’t even remember half of what happened when I played it!

I have lied, I did take notes I just did them on my laptop and instead of saving them I deleted them! Stupid old me!

Anyway I’ll do my best!


So we start in the Pride Lands where we left off. I still love the difference in how the area feels fighting as a little lion. It looks amazing too! Well the way they’ve drawn Sora Lion anyway, I think the areas at times look rather bland in the Pride Lands but I guess they are meant too. Its in the time before Simba comes back to the pride so its when Scar has made it all into a bit of a waste land. Still its a shame because having a lovely full map would have been so much more interesting!

The area follows the Lion King story pretty much to a t just with Sora and crew added. You help Nala bring him back.

I loved the sad face when Rafiki basically tells the group that they can’t be king, like they’d really be made king even if they helped out. Poor Sora!

From the little I remember the Pride Lands are actually quite easy! I enjoyed it purely because it was something different.


Returning to one of my most disliked areas from KH1 isn’t something I was happy to do it is why I left it till last.

The level flew by because I basically just ran about the place hitting things and skipping dialogue to try and make sure that I didn’t have to think about being in Agrabah for too long. This is why I’m saying the blog isn’t that helpful or interesting. I have nothing to say about my first visit to Agrabah at all.

Funny thing is Aladdin is one of my favourite films and I love the whole group of characters and I think they’ve done the characters well. Its just the maps that lead to my brain hurting from how ugly and boring they look and just plainly are.

I think this is one reason I lost a lot of motivation to play the game, even though I felt the first games maps weren’t that inventive or wonderful at least it never felt like a burden.

Agrabah just flew past thankfully.


You start off in Hallow Bastion and need to get down to the computer room in the castle where Leon is waiting for you. A whole bunch of this is all story telling intertwined with going to Tron world.

I like Space Paranoids, it is a change from the same old same old on other maps and it is much more story based. You don’t really get much ongoing story with the other worlds because they are so wrapped up with their own but you go into the computer for a reason. You then come back out of the computer to find Mickey waiting for you and figure out the password before returning.

After you finish with Tron you end up in a long “war” kind of situation. What basically happens is that the hordes of Heartless outside of Hallow Bastion starts to move towards you so you go to help all the others fight them, beating Demyx in the process.

There is a lot going on in this part and I was really interested in it and unlike Agrabah I did write a good deal about it, but as I said I had a derpy moment and then didn’t save the notes so can’t be precise with what happened.

The biggest WTF moment seemed to be Cloud and Sephiroth who seem to be living in a world of their own when they are talking, I don’t know why it needed to be added but I love seeing them two snark off of each other. Also Tifa shows up chasing after Cloud.

You learn what the Organisation is up to, collecting hearts for Kingdom Hearts, you find out that Ansem wasn’t actually Ansem and that the head of the Organisation is the fake Ansem’s Nobody. What else?! There is way too much to remember!

One thing I can say is that when you fight Demyx be careful because after him you have a string of pretty easy (but sometimes they can take you by surprise) fights that if you lose you’ll go back to having to fight Demyx. I passed Yuffies area fine but let my guard down in the next area with Leon and ended up having to go back once so just be careful. You have the FF character with you but at this point you think Goofy is dead and Donald and Mickey have ran on ahead.

The main thing with this area is that we now know a lot about the Organisation and with Maleficent sacrificing herself for us we also are now completely focused on them and not two different stories.


Don’t ask why we went here first, in fact my friend went here I believe because he thought he’d do it for me and then I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

It isn’t that the story here is boring, its quite fun running around trying to find the bits we need to get, I just hate fighting the pirates. I truly hate fighting the pirates. I can’t think of anything worse then fighting them.

Again I tuned out for a big part of the area but it was much easier then I remembered and was soon over.


There is no point in either trying to stretch out why I didn’t pay attention to Port Royal or trying to make something up for it so we’ll move onto the next thing we did. I think Port Royal kind of went so fast because my friend was playing it not me anyway.

We went to Twilight Town mainly because we didn’t know where else to go. I knew we had to go back to other areas anyway but it wasn’t like they told me where to go.

Again whilst here we have to fight creepy things and do a load of stuff but we also find out about Kairi coming to Twilight Town and Axel taking her somewhere.


And that is it for today. I apologise for it being such a crappy attempt at a Gaming Babble Blog but there you go.

I think most of the stuff I loved about the game other then the intro (which in retrospect was way too long) was at the end of the game. There are a lot of worlds that I disliked in this one and the only reason I think I ever got through it without giving up was that it was easy to play compared to the first one.

Gaming Babble will be back though with a better blog with better stuff next time. Whilst thinking of what to write for this one I felt really bad like I’d let myself down by doing it half hearted so now I’m careful of what I’m doing.

The blog will return next week at the same time and will run weekly now not whenever. If there isn’t a new blog then it’ll obviously mean I haven’t been playing said game. At this present moment I’m doing a lot of over time again and when I’m home I usually have people around, plus I need to start leaving the house a little more often so the blog might be infrequent. I’ll try and have a new blog every week though.

So see you next week!

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