Assassination Classroom : Assembly Time

“Shūkai no Jikan” (集会の時間)

Nothing will ever top Professor Bitch, or Bitch–Sensei and her introduction. As the show rumbles on will anyone be able to kill Koro-Sensei?

The episode is cut in half again. The first half once more see’s a student (Okuda this time out, a shy girl) try to poison Koro-sensei and learning the art of communication. She doesn’t like to communicate and feels more at home with science and maths, if she’s as good as she says I don’t see why she’d be knocked down to 3-E seeing that its for deadbeats or are they truly only after all rounders up there?

Talking of the rest of the school we get to see their monthly “lets pick on 3-E” session which didn’t turn out half as well as it should have seeing that 3-E showed up with Karasuma and Bitch-sensei, not to be left out even Koro-sensei showed up and stopped the injustices of the world against his class.

It seems that the injustice of 3-E is a important life lesson that some higher up wants to see played out and after Nagisa easily scares two of his former friends into letting him walk away unscathed it looks like the bad guy of the series has just been unveiled to us.

Again the fact that Koro-sensei is teaching these kids things that they need to know in life is brilliant. He made a point talking to Okuda in front of the rest of the class that her science will be important to the world one day so she needs to be able to communicate what she’s doing so she needs to be able to poison people properly. I think this encouragement regardless of how crazy it is is something that actual real teachers could learn from. When you leave school there is so much that you don’t get taught at school about the real world (I still can’t believe kids are taught that you won’t have calculators in the real world, never been in a job or anywhere without one!) and simple things like that show the kids how they need to live after school by showing them how to better themselves in a way they are comfortable with. They have to kill him so they pick on their strengths to do so and using that odd setting he’s able to show them how important leaving school with a rounded knowledge is important, more so then their grades.

I loved the school assembly but I wish that we didn’t have to have what will probably look like a all out war with the “normal” students and 3-E. Obviously from spending time with them we’re part of that group now and I don’t think it is fair what they are doing to them, I don’t think its fair on either group of students and I don’t want to know what he has planned for them. I hope whatever it is they go on to prove to the school that they’ve underestimated 3-E.

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