Gotham : The Blind Fortune Teller

This weeks episode is off to the circus, and with it even more nudges towards the future of Gotham.

Gotham the city not the program. At this rate the show won’t have any more villains to introduce. Maybe then we’ll look forward to their own.

You might think that I’m upset by the fact we now have a forerunner for The Joker.

I’m not half as upset as I thought I’d be. If Cameron Monaghan turns out to be the Joker he’ll be a good one I’m sure of it. He’s another great young actor who has seemingly stepped straight into the shoes of a iconic character and made it his own. The thing about it is that Monaghan might not even BE the Joker. At this point I would say he probably is (and I’m sure the next episode is entitled the Red Hood which I’m sure was the Jokers name before he became the Joker not only that but all the promo was hinting at him being the Joker) but you never know.

The episode was just as good as the ones before it the only thing that I disliked was Mooney. I haven’t been a fan of the character since the beginning and I’m not going to be more inclined to like her the longer she can apparently twist the world around her finger. There is no reason whatsoever that a handful of men with guns will sit there and be threatened by one lady. Yeah she had the rest of the prisoners behind her but you’d just kill her. Similarly last week I don’t see why the people in there were ever scared of her she was just another person. I like Jada Pinkett Smith and I love that her character is a supposed bad ass.  I love it more then you possibly could believe the way I moan about her character. I just don’t think what we see on screen matches the character the writers keep telling us she is.. I don’t think she’s got the ability to get out of the situation she’s in, I don’t believe she would have been able to do half of what she has done. I think its silly and would rather when she was taken away from the damn night club for her to have a interesting and believable story.

I know someone will come and say “believable, but look at all this blah-blah-blah” and sure you have a point that you have to suspend disbelief sometimes and just go with the flow.

In those situations though they tend to MAKE it feel believable. At no point in the whole episode did I sit there and not think that she’ll be shot at some point, that they’ll isolate her do anything to shut her up. Just like when she was being tortured. Just like everything with Mooney. Its like we are force fed that she is a bad ass by having her impervious to everything and anything. I know Mooney is a bad ass because Jada plays her as a bad ass, she has bad ass dripping from every inch of her. I don’t believe she’s a bad ass because she seems to have a strange ability of something I can’t even explain properly.

Any scene with her in just made me angry and then I was angrier because she’s a great actress and I want to love Mooney for the right reasons.

That story isn’t even the important part of the episode.

Actually this week I don’t think there was any story that was more important then any other.

The circus introduced us to Robin’s parents, it introduced us to a maybe Joker and it showed us Fish picking herself up and working her way out of the prison she’s in.

It also was a return for Barbara who comes home to find Ivy and Kat living in her house and yet she doesn’t seem to be too worried. She just sits down with them and has a bit of a chat, obviously telling them that she’s going to win back Jim and getting fashion advice from them. She walks in on him and Lee though and I’m happy she did. I liked Barbara, I thought she had a few terrible stories and that she wasn’t directed well enough at the beginning , then again the same can be said with Jim, but she was great tonight. What I don’t like is her story. She leaves because she’s scared and runs to her ex and goes off the rails. Why I don’t know but she does. She then phones Jim up not because she feels guilty or really misses him but because her ex has just dumped her and she’s alone again and gets angry because he might be with someone else. She was the one that left him and jumped into bed with a ex who had plotted to split them up the whole series thus far. So seeing him with someone else I thought was a great moment, though I feel it’ll lead to her feeling she’s in the right to lecture him about things when in fact she needs a slap back to reality.

We also said hello once more to Butch who has been tortured by Zsasz to become Penguin’s little puppet. I don’t think its going to go well for Penguin but I’m happy to see Butch back and if they can pull off something like The Hunger Games did with Peeta I’d be happy. And yes me and my wife love the Hunger Games book series and movie series.

There wasn’t too much from the other series regulars but I just enjoyed watching the relationship of Jim and Lee blossom. They are wonderful together and I really hope that he stays with Lee because she’s such a great character. I love that she isn’t afraid to talk back to Jim and that her career and life are important to her and she’d fight anyone for the right to be who she is. I’m happy that she keeps Jim on her toes and her relationship with Ed looks like it could be explosive and fun at the same time. I have to say I’m a big fan of her character and I just like seeing more of her.

As I said the episode was good, just as good as the others, but it did started to claw at me a little bit.

And once more I just want to see something a little different. I want to move away from the old faces and bring in something new and interesting just for Jim and Harvey to work on. I don’t see why that would be such a problem.



We’ve been in the middle of changing Avatars this week and thanks to Anna I have a new Gotham related icon she’s also created four other icons from this episode and I liked these two so much I thought I’d share them (I’m a big fan of the Penguin else I’d use one of these two.)

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