Yurikuma Arashi : The Girl That I Forgot

“Watashi ga Wasureta Ano Musume” (私が忘れたあの娘)

A much bigger story then the one I (confusedly) first thought I was watching is starting to unravel. With the Invisible Storm only getting half the job done last week we’ll see how the events pan out.

With Ginko in the middle of a fever and Kaoru being murdered by the mystery person who was helping her who just so turns out to be a bear.

This week is mainly about Ginko though and telling us that the story from the last episode that Kureha’s mother wrote is actually about Kureha and Ginko. I had a feeling it was about her mother because of the pendant but it seems the pendant has nothing to do with the story itself. The pendant is going to be important though because Kureha’s head teacher or whoever she is has told Kureha that the bear wearing that pendant is the one that killed her mother therefore their sworn enemy and as you do when faced with the news of your sworn enemy Kureha has sworn to kill her.

Ginko has a sad story though, she was orphaned and made to feel like she didn’t matter just to be forced into a war that she didn’t really understand and left because she was a burden. Kureha saved her.

Its strange.

The episode ends with Lulu finding a note for Ginko describing why she’s a criminal bear, so I was wrong on that one too (I thought it was that she didn’t save Sumika) so maybe she DID kill Kureha’s mother? Or maybe she tried to save Kureha’s mother or refused to eat her or something? Though Lulu’s reaction doesn’t lead me to believe that it is going to be something good hearted (I don’t think Lulu would care if Ginko refused to kill Kureha’s mother!)

It was a good episode but I feel I’m going to have to watch a few episodes over again together before rewatching the series as a whole (when I have time) because everything that has happened is starting to feel extremely different now that I know more about everyone.

I’m also wondering how many bloody bears there are or are they all bears and just don’t know it?

Maybe Reia was a bear? Maybe Yurika killed Reia after finding out she was a bear?

Who knows. I quite enjoyed the whole thing though, the series is getting more and more interesting as we go along.

I guess what I want now is a direction that the series is going in, at first I thought Ginko and Lulu wanted to eat people, now fall in love with Kureha but what next? Not so much that I feel like there needs to be a story but I’m interested in seeing what turn it’ll take next, I quite enjoy the twists that it is going through. The last few episodes have been quite quiet and I would like to see it starting to get a bit more exciting again.

Another great episode though, it is a great series. You have to love the bears!

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