Gotham : The Scarecrow

I apologize for being a week behind in the reviews, I did see it on time I just failed to review it until now and thought it would be stupid to miss a episode.

We follow on from the thrilling episode with a wonderful turn from Julian Sands as Gerald Crane father of the one day Scarecrow Jonathan Crane.

We have a few important stories here as we usually do. Falcone has to work his charm on Maroni for Penguin’s sake, Fish takes over a prison that she’s been put in and of course we see the origins of yet another classic Batman villain.

It feels like a complete new chapter being written for the mafia bosses and their work. Maroni might fade away a little now that Penguin is no longer around him, a shame because David Zayas is incredible in the role and he by far is the best of the Dons. Fish now has to escape her prison and make her way back to Gotham, though by the look of some of the people she’s with she’ll have a good crew to go back with when she inevitably goes back. Then Falcone and Penguin, I don’t know whether Penguin is going to do what Fish planned and just take over from Falcone or whether he’ll be pushed out again. Since the show began Penguin has always been the most fascinating part of the show and his ongoing struggles to get to the top of the food chain is still more engaging then a whole bunch of the stories.

Crane is the main issue this week though and the story concludes in as interesting a way as it started. I think I said last episode that the use of fear had always been one of the reasons I enjoyed Scarecrow to begin with. Julian Sands was one of the best guest stars they’ve had on the show and along with Christopher Heyerdahl as Jack Buchinsky (The Electrocutioner) carried on a very strong guest cast for villains since the show returned from the holidays. It is a shame that Crane goes down in a gunfight after curing himself from fear. The whole imagery that went with his fight against fear was impressive.

We are left with Jonathan Crane in hospital after being injected with a fatal dose of his fathers fear inducing toxin. The imagery of him being scared of a scarecrow, which seemed to be the last image he saw before he was injected, and living in complete fear actually left me wondering why he’d then turn into the Scarecrow in the future. I guess you can say if he becomes clear of his fears then maybe he’ll approve of what his father did regardless of the torture he had to go through but it was a strange place to leave the kid.

Charlie Tahan played the young Crane and along with Michael Cory Smith and Robin Lord Taylor showed a great eye for casting well known villains in their youth and days before they become what we know them for. Tahan is another brilliant young actor who I would love to see come back in the future. Such a interesting casting choice.

Interesting story, interesting characters and a real shame that we would never get a Buchinsky/Crane double team against the GCPD, that would actually be one terrifying team.

One of my favorite episodes though I have to say that this is down to the cast now more then the story. The story was good, better then good, but the cast are just electric. The moment between Cobblepot and Nygma was gold, any scene with Nygma in it feels like it is full of dark foreboding but is so enjoyable to watch I feel like it needs to have much more of him in every episode.

Plus now Lee is now working for the GCPD meaning that there are going to be some great moments with her and Jim and a much more interest in the growing team at GCPD.

Another great week.

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