Broadchurch Episode 7

I’m not sure why we even call it Broadchurch this season as the whole point of the season seems to be to force the mystery of Sandbrook on us.

Another episode and more questions being asked.

This week carried on with its confusing stories and silly character development. I say development and mean it in the most loose of ways.

This episode emphasized what I haven’t enjoyed about this series.

I don’t like having to put up with more mysteries surrounding Sandbrook.

I don’t like being told that Sandbrook is interesting.

I’m fed up of how uninterested Miller and Hardy seem about Broadchurch as their case falls to pieces.

Mainly though I’m just completely fed up of how unimportant and overly dramatic the trial had to be.

This week the trial ends, though you’d be surprised. I feel like all the trial has been was week in and week out of reminding us the drama of last season and upsetting people so that they can all scream and cry a lot. We end the trial were we pretty much started, with Ellie being accused of loads of things and screaming at Bishop.

I say it every week but the biggest disappointment is that I have to care about Jocelyn and Bishop. Bishops complete biased about her son is shockingly annoying and Jocelyn I just don’t care about.

If there was one moment I did love though it came from their juniors as Ben Haywood finally told Abby Thompson what I think a lot of us thought the whole time through. Whilst Bishop actually at times looks human Abby looks like she enjoys destroying lives. You could see it in her face, she looked so excited to be told something by Ben, probably thinking it was a compliment just to be very upset when he turned around and told her she was a horrible person.

The trial is ending and the jury has come up with a majority conviction. Personally I think Joe is going to be found innocent but whether we ever find out what happened now is a long shot.

Seeing we were left on the cliff hanger of the trial’s decision obviously the last episode of the series won’t really care about Broadchurch.

Sandbrook is not interesting me in the slightest. The only decent thing about it is that Lee is such a interesting character, or at least he’s played by such a interesting actor that I can’t help but love him even though he’s a creepy probable murderer amongst other things.

To be fair it had some half decent scenes between Lee and Claire but mainly because James D’Arcy has such a wonderfully emotive face.

The whole series just feels disjointed like they are trying to make the characters stretch over two really important things but they can’t quite balance out how much emotion they should have on each. Its like having two different timelines running together with Ellie and Alec reacting differently because they aren’t any longer a part of what is happening in the other.

It feels strange.

Plus the cast was so strong and yet we’ve hardly seen anything of the other villagers at all.

I just found myself getting angrier and angrier as the episode went on to the point that the last ten minutes sounded like white noise in my head because I was so past caring and wanting to be involved in this stupid drama that I just felt angry.

And that kind of sums it all up.

The first season was so good because it made you care about the people, the case and everything else. This time around they’ve been pushed to the side. I personally want to have all my questions answered, I want to know what happened and who is guilty. I want Broadchurch and Danny’s case to be over.

Instead the village that I cared about, the people I was so looking forward to seeing again have been pushed aside for a new case / old case that I just don’t care about. The questions I wanted answered aren’t going to be answered. Even if we get a piece at the end showing exactly what happened with big neon lights saying “THIS IS IT THE REAL TRUTH” I’ll feel cheated. I’ll feel cheated of seeing the characters getting something of the truth, of seeing real drama in the courtroom not over the top screaming matches.

I don’t think the series is bad its just that I wanted a continuation of what had come before, a full stop to a story I cared about. Instead I feel we’ve been forced to care more for some other case without getting any real closure on Broadchurch. And with one episode left I’m not sure if we’ll ever get anything really finished.

That said the cast is amazing. I’m not meant to like the characters I don’t like and I’m meant to get angry when the characters I do like get treated badly and the fact that I do get angry and feel these feelings it shows that the cast are great. I just feel slightly disappointed.

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