Death Parade : Death Seven Darts

“Desu Sebun Dātsu” (デス・セブンダーツ)

For the first anime that I am going to properly review I picked Death Parade. The reason I picked it was because I enjoy psychological thrillers and reading the synopsis of the anime had me interested in that side of things.

The first three episodes will be reviewed today starting with Death Darts.

The mystery in the first episode is a one time only mystery. We don’t know where the couple of Takashi and Machiko are and we don’t know what is going on, the bartender Decim doesn’t exactly explain what is happening other then they have to play a game.

The game is Darts. The dart board is made out of body parts and organs and when you hit them the other person feels pain.

As grotesque as the game sounds it is the story of Takashi and Machiko that is important. As the game goes on, and the game finally ends, we learn that they are already dead, and when two people die at the same time they come to the Quindecim bar to be sorted into “heaven and hell” (or reincarnation and the void.)

In a short period of time we learn a lot about the characters of Takashi and Machiko, also the game seems to be more of a ways to figure out who deserves which.

I have always liked that kind of claustrophobic way of portraying things like this. It is the only reason I class the first Saw film as any good. You’ll start off thinking you have a grasp on something but as the time goes on you lose that grasp.

I swayed my belief that Machiko was telling the truth about not having a affair all through the episode. I’ve always felt that the most simple answer is always the best one there and for me it looked much more like she was horrified by Takashi’s transformation so lied to him. Without being told one way or the other I really am not sure how to judge the two as Takashi seemed to be full of hate and jealousy which ultimately killed them both which, even if Machiko was in the wrong in life she didn’t deserve.

In the end though it was Takashi that went on to be reincarnated and Machiko that went to the void.

I find the whole idea of playing games like this to figure out the truth behind people interesting. Much more interesting then being judged by a “all powerful and all seeing” entity that wants you to live by the rules. It might sound extremely unpleasant but I feel we got to see two real sides to two humans more so then if they’d just sat down for a chat. The ending scenes where Takashi is drooling and gone crazy said far more about him then anything else in the whole of the episode, maybe other then the fact that he was always determined to win the game because of things he thought were true.

I was a little worried about what we were about to see after seeing the opening credits but I have to say the episode really impressed me.

I still think Takashi was the one that should have gone to the void though.

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