Gotham : Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

Gotham continues, now with Fish out of business, Jim back on the force and a week without Master Bruce.

The series keeps getting stronger and this week looks as good as ever.

And it truly is a good week.

Jim has stood by his word not to do things carefully and is stepping on all sorts of toes to get to the bottom of a murder. Bullock is dancing between what his sense tells him is what he has to do and what his heart wants him to do to help Jim. Fish is being tortured and saved and chased. Penguin is enjoying his victory. Finally the love story between the young’uns has been ended.

It sounds like a lot for one episode but it never overwhelms. It is quite the episode in more ways then one.

The episode did everything it did good and did it better.

We’ll focus on characters.

Jim is still growing, every week he gets a little more interesting and a little more fun. His relationship with Bullock is still the best thing there is about Jim but he’s actually using a bit more personality. I liked how he actually looked like a little puppy that needed to be told he was a good dog the whole episode long. He got the job done though.

Bullock was really torn and I think it makes him just that bit more interesting, having that side to him where he is now trying to be a good guy like Jim but still struggling against the system he knows is great. It gives plenty of room for all sorts of drama.

Fish and Butch were at their best in the episode. I am really sorry to see that Butch is probably either dead or on his last legs facing Zsasz as out of the two Butch is the better of them and he has been amazing in the last few episodes. As it was they were alright.

We had the Cobblepots too. Mama Cobblepot is taken to the nightclub that Penguin is sure he’s going to take over. Again they were at their best, with more people to interact with Mama Cobblepot is fast becoming even more of a favorite as her eccentric side runs wild. Penguin too has come so far, even with being “tortured” by Fish he is much more stronger, ready to talk back even though she’s the one holding the baseball bat. In the end it seems that Penguin wins once more.

The return of Bruce and Alfred was interesting. I’m quite happy that even though they have so far been pretty much the best part of the show they’ve now stepped back and other parts of the show is just as interesting. Bruce is still wonderful and the heartbreaking scene of Selina rejecting him was just that. Though I have to say that Alfred was brilliant as always. His no nonsense dislike for Selina is wonderful and his not so happy about Bruce knowing Ivy was fun.

Even Zsasz was an improvement on what he has been and I didn’t feel half as disappointed of Zsasz being a cheap imitation of Hitman that I usually do.

Nygma…. Well lets just say he’s a highlight and a half.

If I’m honest right now I don’t really care about what is going on in each episode as long as the characters are getting good screen time and things to do. Its not so much watching events unfold as watching connections and relationships unravel and become something more. This week was the proof of this, the murder of the week came second to Jim and his relationship with the rest of the force, the war between the families really only was interesting this week because of the relationships between Penguin and his mother, Penguin and Fish and Fish and Bruce. In fact the whole “war” thing was only half as good as it looked because you were slowly getting a feel for WHO Falcone and Fish were in relation to each other so felt for him when the person he trusted the most became untrustworthy.

And I think that is going to be the BIGGEST thing about Nygma and his origin’s into the Riddler. Each week we see him being called a freak and weird and all sorts and its this relationship with Kristen Kringle that will break him.

The cast is what is making Gotham such a great show, they are more then stellar. They really just set the tone and make the show so much better.

Honestly I think the show could really go somewhere.

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