Gotham : What the Little Bird Told Him

The show has had a weeks break and we come back to follow on where we left off, on the trail of Jack Gruber also now known as the Electrocutioner.

The episode also saw the Liza story coming to its natural end.

Out of the three stories being told this week the Electrocutioner was the stand out, for the first time in the series it actually felt like a comic book series and not a detective show. That isn’t to say the failure of Fish’s plan wasn’t good or the story of Nygma’s romance wasn’t interesting. It just so happens that Gruber was brilliant, he just worked and I would love to see him again. It was a great how he was so smart yet he didn’t figure out the flaw in his plan.

One small glass of water.

It was a great way to get Gordon back on the force, he was given 24 hours to solve the case else he’d be sent back to Arkham with Bullock. I did worry that it would just suddenly feel forced but actually the way it played out was great. Jim suddenly has a personality and a much more interesting love interest in Dr Leslie Thompkins. Not that Barbara isn’t on her way back, especially seeing her parents don’t seem to be happy to see her.

I will not be happy to see Barbara come back. I have a feeling that she’ll turn everything around on Jim even though he doesn’t deserve the flack she’ll give him.

Gruber’s case might be exciting but I have to say that the mafia war going on is just as interesting. It weaves together because Maroni is the target of Gruber’s attentions which stops Penguin being able to run to Falcone’s side. Fish has made her move and it is only because Penguin finally gets to Falcone’s side that he doesn’t sign his life away to Fish to run away with Liza. Fish’s plan didn’t just go wrong because it failed but its also given Falcone a new sense of life, he strangles Liza in front of Fish. Shame as Liza was quite cool.

Nygma’s love life also became more predominant this week with Kris the file clerk being “protected” from him after he comes to explain a riddle he left her. It looks like they might actual gear up to do something with the Riddler after all. He doesn’t seem to take well to being called weird especially by Kris so it might point towards her being in trouble first. Anything that happens to her I’d point towards Nygma being behind it.

I didn’t even miss not having Bruce or Alfred in the episode because for a change everything just worked. Finally they have Jim right and he plays off of Bullock so seemlessly that it was just pleasant. Not only that but Maroni is a much more interesting character then Fish has ever been and having him doing the whole charming mafia boss thing is a lot of fun. Him against Falcone will be much more fun then Fish, though I know Fish isn’t finished yet.

Just small little things coming together made this episode great.

It’ll be interesting to see where we go from here on in.

With Jim back after his very short stint in the Asylum I’m kind of hoping we’ll go for less of a season long plot and more villain of the week stuff. I’d like them to lay foundations for their own bad guys and their own stories, I know this isn’t going to be what happens given the name and casting news for two episodes away but it would be nice if they started to give Gotham its own story to build on. Yes I know its meant to be Gordon’s career but so far its been more of a parade of little known characters. I would have been happier with if Gruber had been a longer lasting villain but we’ll see what happens there.

Great episode and still going from strength to strength.

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