Gaming Babble : Kingdom Hearts Final Remix 2.5 Part 4


My childhood is slowly crashing down around me, something has to reignite my happiness that I once had over the game. I think I’ve just generally been upset about everything since having to play 5 hours of prologue!


So we ended last time out by going to Halloween Town. Unlike the last time out we actually get to go to Christmas Town this time, and we’re on our way to meet Santa.

Not before we (personally) get to see Lock, Shock and Barrel meeting Maleficent.

The whole of Halloween Town is pretty much bobby trapped so you need to be careful whilst you run about the place. The area is so cool to look at though I wish we’d get a proper big game set in Halloween Town / Christmas Town.

Sora is such a child this whole world, he is basically jumping for joy at the thought of meeting Santa. Once again Goofy is always the voice of reason and the damned Duck is just a misery guts.

The Heartless in Christmas Town are so cool, the coolest one so far is the Jack-in-the-box. They can be a bit of a pain in the freakin’ ass but its worth it.

You have to love Santa as well as he’s a grumpy git the whole of the level but he talks a lot of sense and is the only one brave enough to really tell it how it is. That’s Santa for you.

Again the biggest problem is that its all running around from area to area and little else. Whereas in the first one some areas felt like a puzzle and once in a while would change up the pace KH2.5 is just a lot of running around the place back and forth to progress the story. The stories are all separate for their lands and as I said last time run with two themes, Maleficent and Pete / Organisation XIII. This time it really is only Maleficent that is causing problems, Halloween Town is empty of any Organisation threat at this moment. Maleficent has resurrected a old friend, Mr Oogie Boogie, and whilst she whisks him off to Christmas town to cause havoc Lock, Shock and Barrel are left for you to fight.

I managed to win this fight without any problems, if you keep whacking away at it ignoring the command button it is pretty simple fight really. I always fight with Donald in my party for back up really, he’s my healer so I can just go in and whack the crap out of everything.

Oogie Boogie’s fight back at the factory on the other hand is a bit of a pain.

Once more it is pretty unique to Oogie himself. You have three conveyor belts and you have to hit presents back at him to bring him down on the conveyor belt so you can attack him. I actually died once doing the boss fight because I lost track of where I was on the belt and ended up in the spikes at the end with Oogie lightning behind me.

When you beat him you get a lecture from Santa before moving on.

After a small little cut scene with Axel finding Kairi and Pluto and lots of emo-ing and evil intentions you find out that you can once more visit Twilight Town.

What I failed to notice before is that by each world it tells you just how long you’ve played in each area. That was kind of neat.


I quickly went to the Underdrome to see what the battles are like.

Seriously orbs?! I hate the fucking orb love-in we are having right now. Its a serious pain.

It’s a bit more difficult then the ones in the Coliseum and you have those pain in the ass cars to fight. Yeah I gave up pretty quick, unlike the Coliseum you don’t gain experience so other then to complete the game and for fun there isn’t much of a point to the Underdrome. Yet anyway.


KH2.5 has another mini-game area. Joining the 100 Acre Wood and the Underdrome you have a singing challenge with Aerial.

We’ve moved on a little with the Mermaid, she’s met Eric (her husband to be) and is disillusioned completely with the world as it is. The musical challenges are a lot more difficult then they look, you have to time pressing certain buttons just right. Make one mistake or just drop to a “good” and you lose the momentum.

It is really honestly very fun and because I waited to go back there I ended up being able to do more then just the first act.

Unlike the Underdrome I’m more likely to come back to this level as its pretty fun. It shakes up the game and stops it getting repetitive.

I still love the Duck though, he’s actually quite good in this world. When Sebastian moans about Aerial not wanting to sing the Duck puts his name forward to be the singer.

The thing I think I love most about it though is the unique video you get to see whilst the songs are on going. It really is honestly beautiful.


Not to be outdone we return to see Pooh Bear.

Giving the game its due it is so much easier to navigate where you are going in the 100 Acre Wood in this game then it could ever be in the first game.

We join them on Windsday.

The first mini-game is much more fun then any of the games in the first one. Whilst the first one was much more mini-games using the maps (so finding everyone, Tigger bouncing etc) this one is just a mini-game. You get to float on a balloon with Pooh Bear whacking a load of crap and collecting honey pots whilst going after Piglet.

When we complete the game Pooh remembers Piglet and not only does he not remember me still (Somebody is a great name for Sora) we get forgotten about our help (well no. In true Winnie the Pooh style its Pooh Bear that is the hero of the day.)

I really honestly love the 100 Acre Wood in both games and it is worth completing it. It truly is.


We end this blog where we’ll start the next one. In the Pride Lands. We get a flash of Mufasa’s death at the hands of his evil brother Scar but its only a dream.

I’m not sure why the Duck and Goofy need to transform after all they are a duck and a dog so couldn’t they just be…. Like normal? As it is they aren’t.

It really is a unique area. You have transformed into a little lion that holds his keyblade in his gob. The fighting is different and you really need to get used to it.

I like the whole “so if I defeat Scar I’ll become King” speech from Sora which really just hammers home how immature he still is (but we love him for it right?)

And that is where I end it.

The mini-games in KH2.5 really do work so much better then the first. The three mini-game worlds are a lot of fun.

The problem I think I have is that the variety in each world isn’t there. You kind of had variety of a sort in Land of the Dragons but that is it. Beforehand you had scavenger hunts, mini-games and all sorts within the worlds but it seems like they’ve separated them into their own little worlds and left a lot of the main game to be running from one end of a map to the other and back again with plenty of Heartless in the middle. There is no real problem with that but it gets monotonous at times in a way the first game didn’t.

I think my main problem is that regardless of how much sense the first games story made it was one long story whereas this doesn’t seem to have much of a narrative behind it yet. I know the second half is the one that I remember best and it is the one where you see the main story evolve but slugging through the whole Maleficent being back plot line and only getting small glimpses of the Organisation is a bit of a pain.

I do love the mini-game worlds though.

I’m not sure when the next blog will be as I haven’t really played KH2.5 recently and I have a few Steam purchases that I want to get through before I go back to KH.

Hopefully I’ll get some play time next week as I’m spending most of the week at home on my own. So we’ll see where it goes from there.

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