Gaming Babble : Kingdom Hearts Final Mix 2.5 Part 3

Or As the Duck Quacks!

Gaming Babble has obviously taken a bit of a rest and we’re back to finish off Kingdom Hearts 2.5.

There is much fun this time out as we travel through a few different lands and we make lots of new friends. The excitement doesn’t want to end and we get carried far and wide on our little Gummi ship and even get to meet old friends as well as battle Gods and mythical beings.

You can tell I’m excited right?

You probably can’t tell I’m writing this whilst listening to “I am the Doctor” by Murray Gold and getting over excited. I’ll stop!


But really this is what I’m talking about we’re going back to a world we know of and fighting a God. We end up in the wrong place though. We’re in the underworld which is actually quite fun. Meg is obviously here and so are Pain and Panic and Pete.

This is pretty easy as a area because its more to do with unlocking the Underworld Coliseum which takes over from the Coliseum after it gets destroyed by a Hydra.

Before that we get to meet Auron who auto-joins us (more on auto-joining as ever later) but there is a lot of running around the place in this area, like most actually in KH2.5.

You can’t fight Hades because he’s a God so you end up running away from him. When we finally get out (after a very easy fight against Cerberus) we learn that we need to have a stone to fight Hades, just that stone has been stolen by a Organisation dude who is here with Hades. It turns out to be Demyx.

I love Demyx for many reasons. He’s actually very passive, much more of a hippie then a bad ass. He doesn’t really want to be in the middle of anything he’s just following orders (orders he has to write down to remember!) and the fact he has a Sitar with him that he plays whilst using water versions of him to fight you is quite sweet.

We follow the path for Meg, as I said unlocking Hades Underdrome and probably putting us in the firing line of Zeus if he ever found out.

Fighting Pete is extremely clustered and that really is the biggest problem with the fights in this game, it just cluster fucks up all the time.

The Hydra fight is slightly better and really showcases what the command fighting style can do. It is a much cleaner fight then any that come before.

Again we leave the world with a little bit of romance, leaving Meg to look after Herc! The Hero’s crest is a nice little Keyblade as well to leave with.



It isn’t actually that easy! You have to guard Minnie to the throne room, the first room is pretty simple but the second one is a pain in the ass and Minnie took a lot of damage (I’m so sorry Queen Minnie I love you really!) She takes us to the Cornerstone of light which doesn’t look very healthy, in fact its covered in thorns. Of course the thorns are Maleficent’s. Go figure.

I really do think 90% of this is that Maleficent is jelly of Queen Minnie being a proper Queen with a deadly cool castle and she didn’t have to send anyone to sleep or have a gooey assed movie making her into the good guy for people to love and respect her. Yeah because Minnie is wonderous and Maleficent isn’t. Yeah.

I love how Sassy Maleficent is though but Sora calling her a hag is the best line ever.

Then it goes back to its pointlessness. It sends us all the way to Hollow Bastion to get Merlin instead of just doing it automatically or having Yen Sid or some such just show up and deal with the crap. Oh well because it leads to one of my all time favourite areas….


Classic Donal, Goofy and Pete. Back to black and white. One of the most brilliant ideas the KH team has come up with.

The command box is one of my favourites the music is awesome and just everything makes me squee.

In this world we have two Pete’s though at first we don’t know it. Basically what happened was the world appeared to Pete just after he was scolded by Maleficent and she’s sent him here to take over the Cornerstone of Light. There are a few mini-games, the basis of which is for you to defeat a certain amount of Heartless and not let whatever you are protecting get destroyed. After each you get a cut scene. When you’ve done all of them you end up in a fight with Pete, it is a fun fight but very easy if you use the commands and keep time well.

The second fight against Pete is even more fun just with Old Pete. When we beat him the thorns leave the Cornerstone and we get the Monochrome (weak Keyblade but my goodness it is sexy) and we get a nice heart warming scene showing what happens to naughty Ducks!

Yes the Duck gets it.


Possibly my least favourite area ever.

I’ll give them that it is a interesting idea for a level, the first live action area. The thing is that they didn’t really get the faces right, they tried to make them look realistic but it failed. Not only that but they tried to go along with the story and the person doing Barbosa’s voice just doesn’t have the charisma. It failed on so many levels.

But also the game play failed. It was overly repetitive and the fighting was difficult for the wrong reasons. There is challenging then just broken.

It was a good idea I just hated it and I flew through the levels not really paying any attention whatsoever.

What I did do was enter the Book of Absent Silhouette which Demyx was talking about in the Underworld. I didn’t in the Underworld because I just didn’t feel like it but I did here.

It basically gives you a boss fight with one of the fallen Organisation members from Castle Oblivion. Larxene is in the Port Royal book, unfortunately she is also way too strong for me at this time so I’ll come back to that.

The Barbosa fight is pretty easy and its over quite fast which is good because it means I get to go on.

I’m sorry I don’t have much to say about anything in this level I just hate it that much. It bores me, it agitates me and I just really don’t like it.


FINALLY Christmas time in Halloween Town!

I only kind of started Halloween Town this time before I ended the session. It was good. There were fairy lights to symbolize that it was Christmas. It also had Jack with a sleigh, a really cool sleigh. My favourite bit of all of it is Sora being like a huge kid “OMG YES TAKE ME TO SANTA” would so be my reaction too! It really would.

So I leave it whilst we are off to see Santa.


I’ still lost story wise, there are a few more promising story bits going on. It just doesn’t feel as well thought out as the first game. It isn’t even like going to these worlds is actually doing anything for you. It kind of just…. Yeah it just kind of carries on going.

There are two very uniquely different tales going on. First off that of Maleficent and Pete and then of Organisation XIII. Neither of which at this moment entertains me much.

My biggest bug bear though is the Keyblades. As a warrior I’m missing getting a new Keyblade what I can bloody use instead of everything being aimed at magic.

Away from that I guess the game is just as fun, I think its the second half of the game (after Tron world) that I really loved when the focus mainly goes on the Organisation and defeating them. I can’t wait to get that far.

Next time out though we have the wonders of Halloween Town to look forward to. That’s all good.

I’m still hating and loving the auto-join with guests. I love it because you get to see different people but I would prefer they just had four people teams and we didn’t have to get rid of Donald or Goofy.

Its funny how playing these games and having to write about them changes your mind on them a little. These are games that I just remember happily and never really noticed any flaws in them until I had to think about how I play them. I have always been able to describe the going ons in each game perfectly but when playing it I kind of forget how long winded it is to get to any point!

Roll on Halloween Town though.

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