Gotham : Rogues’ Gallery

We’re back from the holidays (edit : not that it mattered what with my late posting) and we get to catch up with Jim Gordon at his brand new job.

I think it looks like a lot of fun if I’m honest. We open with Jim watching his inmates perform a play. Its everything you could wish for in a visit to Gotham.

One of my biggest fears was that when we came back we’d be stuck with Gordon and it would be boring. There is a big lack of character at times from McKenzie. I can honestly say this is possibly the best episode for him so far. He felt like a different character, for a start it felt like he had a personality which is more then I can honestly say about him in the first half of the series. His interaction with Bullock when he called him in to help him work the case in the Asylum was one of the greatest things I’ve seen. Seeing Bullock so happy and full of life bodes well for the season.

On its return this is a A+ for McKenzie.

Wish I could say the same about the STORY of Barbara and Montoya. Not the actresses but the story itself.

“Get my head together” became “Going off to sleep with my ex who was horrible to me and you did her best to break us up but after I don’t listen to you, nearly get myself killed in the name of love for you then leave you I run back to her.”

This week the “dream” is over as Montoya finally does the right thing. I say finally does the right thing but it doesn’t seem she’s doing it for the right reason more for the fact that she now knows what Barbara said about them (their relationship being toxic) was true.

This is why I dislike their story. So far in all the episodes we’ve seen Barbara defend Jim to the hilt against an aggressive ex who she knew was no good for her. We then see her go to Montoya for help with Jim just for the usually happy to be in the limelight Montoya to turn her away like she was nothing. Suddenly their relationship is a thing and Barbara has gone from being intelligent and happy to needy and dumb.

Her reaction when she phoned her flat to find out if Jim was there just to think there was another women in the flat with him (it wasn’t, Ivy and Selina were hanging out there) was pitiful. After all she left him for her ex in the first place.

Talking about Selina and Ivy this was the first time we got to see much of Ivy and I have to agree with Selina that she is a bit weird. I like her a lot but there is something not all there about her. The two of them though are great. Clare Foley and Camren Bicondova (along with David Mazouz) are brilliant and there aren’t words to describe how good these three kids are.

It was a brilliant opening to the second half of the season and I’m hoping Jim doesn’t magically get back to his old job, I’d quite like the rest of the season to be stuck in the Asylum but I don’t know.

Its getting better.

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