My One Piece Adventure : Fishman Island Arc

So I’ve just finished chapter 650, I’m not quite over with the Fishman Arc but I’ve taken forever to get this far (sorry!) so thought I’d give you my update.

The fighting with Hody Jones and Vander Decken is over so I thought it was a great time to jump in and tell you how I’ve felt about the adventures under the sea!

We’ll begin just after we set off. I think what stopped my flow was when Nami started telling us about the sea currents. I was on such a good flow and then I got a bit bored of it. In fact the whole time I read that about three or four times before I understood it and carried on.

After that though (and I like that there was a technical explanation to what was going on and it wasn’t just magic or something, it just took a while for the information to sink in) the fun really started!

It was like having to get to know and being allowed to fall in love with all the characters all over again. They haven’t changed too much but their personalities have shifted slightly, they’ve been through new experiences, met new people and become different individuals away from each other and the slotting back together is fun to watch.

Sanji stole the show early on with his nosebleeds of doom. But it was the new characters on the Island that made this for me.

Before they even get to the island we get to fight with a Kraken and meet the New Fishman Pirates as well as Vander Decken. When we get to the Island we are introduced to some old friends (Keimi and Pappug) and some new ones.

This is a big arc though, as I said I haven’t even finished it yet! There are so many different parts to it as well that it is hard to talk about it without missing something out.

The bit I enjoyed the most was Jinbe’s back story and the history of Fisher Tiger and Queen Otohime. The whole story had me in tears, both of them were fighting the same fight in different ways. I didn’t think that I’d like Fisher Tiger as much as I did, at first I thought that his story would be rather rocky but in the end it made perfect sense and his dying wish (that was broken by Arlong) was sweet. The whole moral of the story though, to let the children meet humans and decide themselves was a important point. The whole message of seeing things with your own eyes is a great message to get out there because all these kids had was the words of their ancestors,

It went beyond sad.

At times like this I’m able to sit there and really feel for these characters and what they are going through. It felt so real and I had genuine tears in my eyes.

Then they brought up Whitebeard and the feels were so real. That scar still hurts too much right now. Him and Ace… I tell you. I just can’t!

I felt like the battle against Hody and Vander Decken was disappointing. When Hody took over and Vander Decken threw Noah at the Princess I thought that it was going to be really interesting but then Hody finished off Decken really easily and Luffy took down Hody pretty easy. I do like seeing what the effect of the Es did to the crew afterwards but I just felt the fights were too easy. There were too many being put together for a start (I hate not getting to see good Zoro action!) and they just kind of… Ended. I was hoping for a little more seeing this was the first time we’d get to see them all fight properly after coming back together.

It didn’t make everything any less amazing it was just a little disappointing.

But there is just a lot that I loved in this part of the story. We haven’t quite left Fishman Island yet so there will be another blog after I finish it completely but so far I’ve loved our visit here.

I really hope that Luffy has changed the Island for the better, I like that Neptune is keeping the Fishmen on the Island instead of sending them back to their own district and I hope that is the start of them all seeing eye to eye and going to live on the surface. That would be really nice!

There still feels like so much I haven’t talked about!

I’m loving two years older Zoro he’s even cooler then before if that was even possible! I love how he seems to be much more involved, I don’t know but it always felt that he was either sleeping or keeping out of things at times but he has a lot more gobbiness to him and I love that he just rushes in to cut up shit without thinking then gets told off! I mean he basically captured the whole Neptune army. He’s awesome. And clueless. And this is why he’s my favourite character (well apart from Shanks but that is a story for a different day not that you’d ever want to hear it.)

I’m just learning about the other bits and pieces at the moment, chapter 650 told us all about what Robin had learnt and Shirahosi’s true nature. We learn that Akainu has taken over the Marines and that Aokiji has left the Marines after being beaten by Akainu. We also learn what we already knew, that the Blackbeard Pirates had been going around claiming Whitebeard’s territory and taking Devil Fruit Powers for themselves and Blackbeard himself had been named one of the Yonko along with Shanks (my baby…), Kaido and Big Mom.

I love this arc and I love the Fishmen! I’m so sad that Jinbe said no right now to joining us because I just love Fishmen. I hated them after Arlong and thought that the worst thing that could happen was going to be going to Fishman Island but when we got here I fell in love with them all. The way that you couldn’t tell what the babies are going to be till they pop out because their bloodlines are all interwined, the difference in every character we’ve met. I just love it all.

I also didn’t dislike Fishmen because Arlong was a bad guy I disliked them because they seemed rather bland. I liked how different each of them were but Arlong himself was quite a bland character. Hody suffers from a similar fate but it isn’t something I can say of Jinbe or anyone else we’ve met!

It is a bit like Water 7 that the arc just seems to go on and on and there wasn’t really a “stopping point” for me to write about until now. We got introduced to so many characters that I haven’t even started to talk about yet! There is so much that we’ve learnt.

I don’t know when we got to Whitebeards war with the Marines I kind of felt like there couldn’t really be any more surprises. I mean we’d SEEN Fishmen and Mermaids, giants and all sorts of Devil Fruits. We’d been to so many different islands and learnt so much I just thought there wouldn’t be anything left to really learn about. But it seems I’m totally wrong! I know obviously new characters will have new stories but we got so much new background on Fishmen/Mermaids and the discrimination running both ways, the pasts and how its effecting their futures and so forth. We’ve met so many amazing characters. We’ve learnt a bit about underwater currents and about Fishmen/Mermaid genealogy. I mean there is just loads I could go on about!

I’m probably going to bore you all to death with a blog about each of the characters that stand out for me after I’ve caught up with the manga and there will probably be a blog about the Neptune family in there because I just love them. I love how innocent and caring the whole family is. I love how the brothers grew up to be such wonderful people and I love their relationships to each other.

I love the fact that Neptune is the only person that can talk to Whales and that Shirahosi is the only person that can speak to Sea Kings. I think that is wonderful and adds so much to everything.

I am just generally excited about everything though!

So so far I have to say out of this arc the biggest plus is probably just the world in general, having our eyes opened to their struggle and their dreams and the biggest disappointment is that Jinbe isn’t joining us! I love Jinbe!

You’d think I’d have a load of these blogs ready to post but you’d be wrong! After getting this far I’ve started to watch the anime, I was in the middle of Choppers arc in Drum and now nearing the end of Albasta (around Ep.120) and haven’t been reading the manga! Naughty me! I’ll try and get some more blogs up and going, REALLY hoping in the next couple days I storm ahead to the end! I hope so.


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