My One Piece Adventure : End of Fishman Arc

This is going to be a very short and sweet blog. I don’t know why I didn’t just carry on reading but I think I was so worried that I’d already seen so much that I would focus too much on something completely different and ignore the rest of the arc.

So basically the last bit of Fishman Arc is meeting Big Mam. She lives on a really strange island by the looks of it and the islands under her control need to feed her sweets every month.

I’m quite excited about meeting another Yonko, even though I just love Shanks and thinking about the four Emperors means I get to think about Shanks (you might notice that I’ve gone a little bit Shanks crazy… I couldn’t tell you why!)


So Luffy upsets her and basically starts a little bit of a turf war with her. He’s going to kick her ass and take Fishman Island for himself. I like that idea!

We then get reacquainted with Smoker and Tashigi! Oh I love these two. They are just sat there waiting for the Strawhats!

Of course Luffy doesn’t arrive like a normal human, he gets taken to the surface by a bunch of whales and then instead of heading to an actual island goes to Punk Hazard instead.

There is a lot that I loved about this tiny little bit of the story.

For a start everyone are just giant dorks. Neptune, Neptunes ministers the Crew… Everyone. Whether it be worrying about the wraith of the Yonko’s or worrying about bombs they were all being giant dorks.

Next up is all we are now learning about the second half of the Great Line. The New World. Of course Luffy points out this is where Shanks is and I did jump up and down in my chair when he said he wants to go and see him. I want to go see him too.

Other then this one last thing about Shanks I will mention him no more I promise. I just wonder what he does as a Emperor. Whitebeard seemed like a cool guy that just looked out for people, a lot like what Luffy does! Big Mam seems a total cow that is just looking out for herself. We know that Blackbeard is a maniac and I can’t see him being a good pirate to be under. When I think about it though I can’t imagine Shanks actually being in charge of anything. I really DO see him as just like Luffy, his crew whenever we’ve seen them just seem so laid back like him. I can’t imagine him bothering to put up flags and stuff. It just came to me like all the Emperors are meant to have fleets and all sorts aren’t they? Well I just always kind of thought of Shanks as like… Well… A older Luffy with his one crew just going around the place getting drunk. I can’t imagine, other then being cleverer then he lets on, kind and pretty darn awesome, him being a Emperor in the same way that I couldn’t imagine Luffy being one in the same way that the others we’ve seen are.

Just a random thought, mainly because I think about Shanks a lot.

I’m sorry *ahem*.

It was sad saying goodbye to Fishman Island, especially without Jinbe but I can’t wait for the next adventure.

And who the hell will trust Luffy in a room with a Den Den Mushi anymore?! I mean every time he answers one he just shouts his whole life story down one! It is kinda cute.

Hehehe at poor Usopp! Never has any luck having to go to Punk Hazard with Luffy.

Honestly this really felt like the Crew once more. I don’t like when they get split up so much though but I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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