Gotham : Harvey Dent

Note : I am sorry this review has taken so long to be published, I honestly thought I had completed it and posted it but it has been here in the drafts all week. So I apologize.

As the title of the thread says we get an introduction to another fan favorite this week. One of the men credited for the continued attempt to clean up the streets of Gotham, Harvey Dent.

I believe the show has finally hit its stride. All the characters seem to have moved on from introductions and are slowly becoming comfortable in the world they are in. This week really went a long way to show that.

At first I was very indifferent to many of the characters, I could see plenty of potential but I was failing to be impressed.

Now I look forward to seeing those characters each week.

Sean Pertwee in particular as Alfred and Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock. This week Alfred really truly feels like the man that will raise Bruce Wayne and be his constant companion. Bullock meanwhile continues to steal the show and make you forget that the main brunt of the story is meant to be about Gordon not him.

This week Gordon brings Selina to live at Wayne Manor and we get to see Bruce and Selina spend time together and Alfred slowly warming to the kid. We also get to see the beginnings of Bruce’s training. Boxing, holding his breath under water, food fights…..

It was nice to see David Mazouz get more to do with his baby Bat this week.

Bullock is with Gordon tracking down an escaped prisoner from Blackgate, it turns out that the prisoner was actually kidnapped and is being used by the Russians to infiltrate Falcone’s stronghold and hit him where it hurts. It just so happens that Fish was keeping an eye and when things went bad all the Russians were killed off.

It has shifted back to slowly building this war we keep hearing about. Fish is trying to muscle her way in and believes she is succeeding. Unfortunately as most of this season has seen the only person really succeeding, and in fact the only one that knows where all the pieces are and what they are doing, is The Penguin.

Yes Oswald even figures out Liza this week.

Going back to the prisoner, Ian Hargrove, it was a interesting story. It sees the Mayor sending the criminally insane to Arkham instead of keeping them at Blackgate which is a big step in the story, seeing as Arkham is where most of the bad guys get sent seeing they are all criminally insane.

Laying that to one side Hargrove himself was such an interesting character I would be surprised to see him not come back in the future.

But what of Dent and Gordon?

Well the introduction of Dent did nothing for me. I like it when split personalities are done in a more subtle way, there is no way that Dent would get to where he gets by screaming at people in front of their lawyers. I’m all for an unpredictable edge to Dent, even a mean streak and a angry side, but this wasn’t the setting for it. In fact it was more the setting to see a more devious Dent then a Dent losing complete control of his temper.

Saying that Nicholas D’Agosto is actually really good and I can’t wait to see where he takes Dent. I don’t think they will go full Two Face with him seeing that is much more a Batman story then a pre-Bat story, then again they are thinking of having the Joker and Harley apparently so I doubt that’ll stop them. The problem once more is so many of these have stories tied so deeply to Batman that if you take that away then you are leaving yourself with either having to introduce a teenage Bat and miss out on Bruce’s real origin or else having a long wilderness that just didn’t exist.

Gordon was much better this week then he’s been before but he still is in the shadows of his partner. He’s getting a much better dynamic with the other cast members though and he instantly worked with Dent.

I’m not sure of Barbara’s story though, I think it is a stupid mistake to have her go off and sleep with Montoya. The whole story doesn’t make any sense and just feels like a forced way to remind us that these two characters were in a relationship. It wasn’t needed and also is the opposite of character development. This women who loves Gordon so much she goes to a mob dons house to beg for his forgiveness and left Gotham because she was terrified of being murdered by someone like Zsasz then goes and runs into the arms of her ex who has caused her nothing but problems and grief?

The episode was a bit of a mixed bag but an enjoyable one at that. So many characters I am enjoying watching every week now that regardless of the story I am enjoying the show a lot.

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