Denki-Gai no Honya-San : Episode 7

To the bath house 

We are back to the smutty jokes! Oh the joys! Ohhh the joys!!

So we’re going to the bath house, indeed this is the fan service episode if ever you’ll see one.

For a start the girls manage to run out of the changing rooms naked into a room of people. Silly billies! Then Tsumorin decides to “check” people’s boobs and gets a handful of Hio-tan and Sensei.

I guess there is a little more too it. It see’s all the couples enjoying themselves, and more Fu-Girl and Sommelier which is the best thing ever! I love when them two get together.

There is also a moment when Kantoku asks Kameko why she doesn’t ever have pictures taken of her. It makes her look even more lonely then ever before and I just wish there was someone for her.

We did end then with a very funny speech from, you guessed it, Kantoku about boobs. “God only made one word. Boobs!” oh indeed if we hadn’t been taught enough about the season of the panties then now we’ve learnt enough about the season of the boobs to last a life time.

I mean really. Honestly. How did I not know this?!

So there you have it.

There is still a lot that I liked about the episode, in the bath house away from the sillyness there was some really nice moments. I liked seeing the pairings hang out, Sommelier and Fu-Girl become cuter by the second! Even if it still looks a bit odd. I also think Fu-Girl looks a bit like a zombie with her mouth forever open.

Tsmourin doesn’t add much to the show, at first it was nice just to see her in contrast to Hio-tan but now it just doesn’t add anything, I don’t see why she needed to get drunk or why she had to be there at all. Some of the moments were funny I guess but it really did just feel pointless.

It was a big step improvement on the episode before it though as the jokes actually felt like jokes again. Also I see there being a story of “Girl” growth for Sensei which could be interesting if they don’t just make it all about laughing at her.

I’m still enjoying the show though, I think there is a lot of fun in there and the relationships are really good. I just want more and more Fu-Girl and Sommelier though! It is the only thing I want!

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