Denki-Gai no Honya-San : Episode 6

Homeless // Secret Paradise

With everything moving at a good pace it only makes sense that Sensei is still struggling to make deadlines. This episode is all about the friendship of her friends and what they can achieve at short notice.

Because Sensei really does suck at deadlines. She has been living at work, during the day working and during the evening working on her manga. With only days to go EVERYONE lends a hand.

I like the fact that the episode was designed to teach Sensei that she’s better then she thinks but I think it went about it the wrong way. After all confidence isn’t something that you can just magic out of thin air. I got what Umio was saying but at the same time it was harsh because her lack of confidence doesn’t care whether she’s talented or not. She needed to be told what she got told but it wasn’t exactly the nicest way of doing so.

The second part was more a laugh at how ungirly Sensei is which again I laughed a lot at but thinking back was quite mean. Plus I really was laughing at myself because I’m just like her. I’d do everything that she just did! Though I’m a better cook then her! Then again who knows what I’d do if I tried to do anything late at night after hours of working on something. I’d probably burn the shop down with t he kettle!

It wasn’t the best episode and there was a lot I didn’t really like about it. Then again it was still quite funny so I can’t say much!

I guess because I like Sensei so much I didn’t like that the joke was on her the whole time. I never felt before that we were laughing AT characters but with them but this time out it just felt (looking back) too much like the joke was on her and not around her.

Saying all this it was fun. And I do like Sensei and I loved how everyone bandied together to help out. Though Sensei really needs to get better at working to deadlines else she’s never going to do well!

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