Denki-Gai no Honya-San : Episode 5

Panties in the Spring // I am Rain

Yes you read that right one of these mini pieces is called panties in the spring. That kind of humour has made a comeback and in quite the unexpected way!

I did a straw poll with the people I was chatting with on Skype and it seems that all of them know the ruling that Spring is the season of Panties.

Of course Sensei has a lot to learn about the ways of panties as apparently hers is just the blob of cloth variety in her manga.

I’m sure I’ve watched something before that went on about the art of panties, I’m sure this is a thing, and I am sure I know too much about it!

If anything the whole section is worth it just for the Dragon Ball Z take the piss when Sensei is dressed up like Goku making the panties festival shelf! Now that was funny.

The second half is actually quite sad. We get to see what everyone’s humid hair looks like when Sommelier makes everyone’s head turn by showing up shirtless. The joke carries on when he takes Fu-Girl out and we realise he tends to give his shirt to people that need it. I like that the G-Man was back shouting that Sommelier was unwholesome.

We then get a silent movie type flashback where we see Sommelier gave his umbrella and shirt to a (ugly) cat. He even went to buy it food to look after it just to find two other guys had come and taken the cat themselves whilst he was at work (and his top as well.)

Poor Sommelier!

This episode just keeps on giving though as a manga writer, Tsumorin, causes a stir in the third part of it. She is one of Umio’s favourites and she used to work in the store and date Director who is actually now being called by his real name of Kantoku.

It seems that Tsumorin is a clone of Hio-tan (or the other way round in reality but in story she is just basically a clone of Hio-tan with dark hair to show that Kantoku has a type and a way of showing how he likes girls.)

I loved the beginning of the episode more then I should have, again it was proper laugh out loud funny with a really good theme running through it. As I said I’m sure other anime’s have told me the importance of panties so I am well aware of panties! But I did not know that panties had a season, so from now on every Spring shall be panties season on the blog. Yes?


I feel the Sommelier part is just to once again show how nice a guy Sommelier is, not that we don’t already know that, whilst as I said the end of the episode was just gearing the show into Hio-tan and Kantoku getting together.

Still the anime hasn’t bored me or done anything other then make me laugh and fall in love with its characters. I’ve binge watched the whole series so far (I was 7 episodes behind!) and it felt like no time at all (kind of why you are getting blogs in a small amount of time.)

I really do think this has been a highlight of this year for me, even though I haven’t watched that much anime if I’m honest!

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