Denki-Gai no Honya-San : Episode 4

King of Pop // Chocolate Panic

Episode three was possibly the least funny of the episodes, that wasn’t a bad thing it was much more sweet and character orientated. I loved getting to know Hio-tan and Director much more then before.

This kind of carries on in this episode as everyone has been given a shelf to decorate and promote the books they like. I loved all of them but especially Directors which has a load of photos of Hio-tan and Fu-Girls who had to pretend she was a zombie and pop out from behind the books because she wasn’t allowed to use gore.

It was also nice to see Hio-tan thinking about what kind of manga she likes. To be honest I don’t read much manga I tend to watch a lot of anime but I’ve never gotten into reading manga like that. I feel like I should take Sensei’s advice and just read anything that takes my fancy and who knows where I might end up?!

The second half of the story was more sweetness involving Fu-Girl and Sommelier. It is Valentines Day and Fu-Girl has made everyone chocolate. Of course Sensei is worried about her Girl Points but that isn’t really the point of this episode.

To be honest I had to well up a bit in this one. Fu-Girl following Sommelier home (even though he seems to go the long way through a jungle and everything!) and yet not being able to give him the chocolate heart she made him was so sad. It made me love her even more! I think from the second episode I was able to tell how much Sommelier liked Fu-Girl, the holding her hand and looking really sad when she started to mutter Umio’s name gave it away but Fu-Girl was a little harder to crack. You could see she was interested but I wasn’t 100% sure on that one.

I felt so sorry for her when she pulled out the chocolate heart on the train for him!

I really want to see them get together, it’ll be so cute! They are cute enough as it is! Him holding up the book that she did give him like it was his treasure and her being so happy that he said she can come and relax at his house again at any time.

Just get together already you are perfect!!

The humour seems to have calmed right down at the moment and I like that. Not that I had gotten bored of the humour, as I said for a change I really liked it, but I think it is nice to calm down and actually properly show off the characters. I think every character other then Kameko has had real progression in their stories. I mean it isn’t like there needs to be difficult character arcs for these guys they are all pretty much just living their life but they all now have personalities of their owns and you can tell them apart from each other because of their difference’s as people.

Kameko is also the only person I don’t think is paired with anyone. I mean Fu-Girl and Sommelier NEED to date, Hio-tan and Director are pretty much destined to be together as are Sensei and Umio but Kameko seems to be on her own with her camera which is actually quite sad seeing that everyone else is in a pairing.

I wonder where they go with that. If they go anywhere with that of course, they might choose not to!

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