Denki-Gai no Honya-San : Episode Two

Deep Deep Night // Is the Denki-gai pumped?

To be honest this has had the best first impression on me for a long time. I honestly fell in love with it at first sight! The cute animation style and the lovable characters just jumped off the screen and into my heart.

Eek isn’t it lovely?

So the store has a bit of late night shopping and for some reason Fu-Girl gets stuck at the back of the queue and misses her train home so everyone goes out to have something to eat together.

This episode really made me fall in love with Fu-Girl and Sommelier. There is something a bit weird in how she looks like a ten year old and he looks about twenty but at the same time it is sweet (mainly because I know they aren’t meant to be that much difference in age… Or maybe they are! Then again I don’t think a 10 year old would be allowed to work in a book store or go shopping late at night on her own!)

I liked the fact that they all stuck together and slept in the same room. It was nice. That sweet moment was broken by Fu-Girl painting Umio’s face like a zombies and beating the shit out of him!

The next part was just genuine laugh out loud entertainment.

I didn’t get the name of whatever it is but they are having a competition. The first race kind of said it all, a Pantsu Race? I might have got that wrong. Basically a load of guys have to run and grab some panties in their mouths and then run on to the finish. Sommelier wins the race, go Sommelier!

The second race plays right to the prudishness of Hio-tan, a Golden Ball race! I loved the craziness that ensured including the utterance of the word “Ballance”!

Umio takes part in the “Wife Carrying” race which was basically a egg spoon race but instead of a egg the boys had a model of their favourite character on them.

Tug-of-war with a giant fish strapped in the middle anyone?!

And we finish it off with a water fight! Now Sommelier is a hunk in his shorts but did we really honestly need to see Directors swim suit? OR the butt clench at the end of his boobs/balls speech?! I loved how it freaked Hio-tan out so much that she started hitting everyone in the crotch though!

In the end (and after finding out Fu-Girl is actually 16!) Sensei wins in a team all of her own.

I don’t think I have laughed so much in such a small space of time as I did with this episode. I’m not prudish but I don’t find sex jokes or jokes about boobs and balls very funny to be honest, I don’t know I have a dry sense of humour and find sex humour to be boring and predictable but there is something about how the show handles it that makes me laugh.

Maybe because for a change it doesn’t feel like its laughing at the characters but at people who judge the characters? I mean all the characters (other then Hio-tan) are proud of being fans of BL, Ero or just liking boobs or whatever. So when you have big speeches about how men’s balls and women’s boobs are just the same thing it just makes me laugh.

I don’t know whilst being very simplistic in its nature there is something a lot more mature about the humour then you usually get. It usually feels like “snigger the character just said boobs” that you get in American Dad and Family Guy but this time out it just felt naturally funny.

I am so shipping Fu-Girl and Sommelier though they are a adorable couple! I also quite like Director and Hio-tan! Though I don’t really like Umio to be paired with anyone.

It was also nice to get to know Fu-Girl a little better as well. I love that she’s obsessed with zombies!

Another great episode. It just feels fresher then some other shows I’ve seen.

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